Monday, October 6, 2008

Little tid bits...

Many a moon ago I was trying to let you in on my-so-called life, a little bit. I left off by telling you about the birth of our beautiful, amazing, funny, ball of fire daughter, love bug. I'm going to finish now.

Four days in the hospital and some very painful stomach muscles, we were sent home. Which at the time was my moms house. This didn't last long. I got home to my entire family (When I say entire, I mean, the grams, gramps, cousins etc.) cleaning out my bedroom, throwing my stuff in garbage bags, boxes, backpacks. Basically whatever they could find was being tossed and thrown in the back of my dad's pick up. Dang it.

"Tough love" apparently.

Thankfully, my Dad, who was in the process of building his own house (with a fully furnished basement for me and Mr.p and LB) so we went there. Mind you, this was the beginning of July, in Michigan, it was HOT. And, like I said, he was in the process of building his house. It wasn't finished. The worst part, no cable, no phone, and ack, no A/C! Let me tell you, it's really a test of a new mother to whisk her off into a new environment with a brand new baby and not give the girl a talk show or two, a phone to call someone for help and no friggin AIR CONDITIONING, IN JULY. Sigh, it was horrible. Even more so when Mr.p had to go back to work the next day. Talk about baby blues, I had them. Bad.

Once the house was finished, and things were a little more settled, it got better. Momma got a job (yuck). Played housewife, mom, roomate and then some.

All in all though, it helped me to rely on no one but myself. Because of that, I'm glad.

Am I boring you? Is my grammer bugging you yet? Gosh, you noticed didn't you? Darn it.

Have a splended evening ya'll!


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