Friday, January 2, 2009

2009, Hello love.

Hope you all had a wonderful NYE. On this side of the mitten, we ate a wonderful dinner using a giftcard from Christmas. Went home and watched Sex and the City it. And of course watched the ball drop fell asleep. Yep, that's me. Old and boring! :) Lets review 2008 for fun.

My highlights.
Obviously LB2 being born! Almost exactly a year ago! *Tear*
Painting my living room the last, and best color choice.
Going on a second honeymoon to the Dominican.
Turning 21- I finally became a big girl. I have a mortgage, 2 children, 401k and now can order a drink at dinner. Score.
Re-doing my kitchen, even if its rolling into 2009, it's magical.
Finding out who my real friends are. I'm glad.

Now for 2009.. I'm a girl who likes her lists. I've written, and re-written my resolutions over and over this past week. But I'm excited for them. Something to plan for right? I enjoy that- too much.

Promise to myself.
Lose 40 30 25 lets be realistic here, 20 pounds of baby weight I still have around my middle.. yuck.

Teach LB1 to read. She already can read her name so we've got our starting point.

Take the love bugs to Disney- pay with cash.

Pay of our never ending credit card debt- granted this probably will take longer than a year, but I have to try.

Divorce is not an option. Not that we've considered it, but reminding myself that we're in this for the long run. Now is not the time to get too comfortable and forget about each others feelings. This also falls into the next one...
One date night a month, no children. Just us- reminding eachother of why we love one another. Awe cute huh? :)

Stay organized. Think, plastic bins, labels... are you getting that butterfly feeling like me? Love it!

That's all for now, I'll probably write them over and over again and again. But it's a start. What are your NYRessolutions?


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