Sunday, April 5, 2009

New things coming.

Anybody miss me?

I've been busy! Not only planning this much needed vacay coming up, I also started my own Etsy shop. I'm a little ready to pee my pants I'm so terrified nervous. But I think I have a couple cute ideas and I'm just ready to get myself out there, ya know? You do, I like that about you. You understand! ;) My one lonely reader that is!

So.. I'm ready to move back on to my tour ala love bug. If you still care or remember! Next room is a cutie. It was totally gutted, think pink and black tile. Ugly grey and pink floors. Can you guess the room? My "Master/Whole house/So small it could be a closet" bathroom! You have to squeeze to get in it so, we'll see how good I can take pictures of it, but it'll be done tomorrow.

Another thing I did this weekend? Steam cleaned the floors. AHH, I LOVE the feeling of clean floors! So soft. It's actually really disturbing how many tubs of black dirty water I pulled out of the steamer.

Yeah, I did just admit that to the world.
Well- anywho. Time to winterize my house again since there's a SNOW STORM coming in APRIL.


Kathy Eller said...

I'm thinking you have many faithful readers and that one annoying one that has to comment on everything.....


The Momma said...

Kathy you know I adore you!

and, YAY I'm so excited! I just saw your email this am and came here to post how excited I was!

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