Friday, May 1, 2009

Hello, My name is Rachelle, and I'm a hater.

I figured it out. I'm a hater. A Rachelle HATER. I have a few things to set up in my shop and this is what I did all day.

"It's ugly."

Mr.P- No its not, why do you say that?

"Because, it's ugly. I just said that"

Mr. P- your crazy.

"I can't take a good picture"

Mr.P- Your camera sucks

"I need a new one."

Mr. P- Your gonna do this all night aren't you?

Yes, Yes I am. I'll agree to show you TWO things I made today. They aren't on the shop, but I did set up my ETSY account, and ordered a banner/avatar set so by this weekend it will look cute. I told you I was freakin out. I also went to Joannes and Michael's to get some materials for the rest of the HUGE list I made.

I finished two things people. That's it. I'm pathetic! :) Tomorrow I plan to finish up some Tutu's and onesies. And, take some pictures of my bags- those went over well! Excited?

So, my deadline didn't work out like I planned but do you know what I learned? It's okay. Like my dear friend Kathy said- BREATH. I need to learn to BREATH. I worry to much. I hate on myself too much. It must stop! :)

Here's a teaser with the crappy camera.

My monogram plaque. It's very cute in person, lovely really. Purples, pinks greens and creams. Can be made simply as a plaque or a ribbon holder. Nice? Yes? :)

This is my FAVORITE. It's sooo cute! I love giraffe print and who woulda' known that turquoise looked so GOOD with it! Good for a boy or a girl. I think a little girl with a funky style would adore this! :) Obviously an initial would go on it. But you catch the drift :)

So- Let's go over what I did achieve by my deadline. Shop is semi set up.( Needs a banner. Made a million initial plaques. And have enough material to make a thousand tutus and enough ribbon for some FABULOUS bags. Yes, it's progress.


Lisa M said...

Love the giraffe plaque. I am going to bookmark your etsy shop so I can look when it's done. Congrats on setting up shop!

Just dropped in to welcome you to the SITStahood!

Jenni said...

I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I am soooooo PROUD of you. You are finally following through with it all, and you are so very talented. I am glad to have a beautiful, creative friend like you. Keep up the great work, everyone will love your stuff. BTW: I ummmm MISS YOU.... like A LOT!

Anonymous said...

So with the plaque...was the "C" representative of crappy? JUST KIDDING! But do you think that maybe your sub-conscious made you think that? I love that bag and I think it would be great even for us big girls! Very cute things. I hope that the Etsy thing starts to fall into place for you.
I am stopping by to give you a big welcome to the SITSahood! Hopefully a playful welcome is okay with you. We love having new members and we look forward to seeing you and your crafty ideas around!

greedygrace said...

I love the giraffe plaque! I can just imagine a big turquoise initial in the middle of it!

I came by to welcome you to SITS! We're happy to have you with us!

Kathy Eller said...

I DID say that didn't I :)

I actually squeeled when I saw the plaques! Very very cute!

Lighten up on yourself! you're doing great!!

beth said...

very cute! i love the giraffe plaque, but the other one matches the girls' room. hmmm...they can be made into ribbon holders? i may be needing two!

Anonymous said...

I like the first two projects. I hope the etsy store goes well.

Welcome to SITS!

Joy said...

Welcome to the SITS group, it's great to have you as a SITSta!

AP said...

those are too cute!!
I am the same way!!!
welcome to SITS

Rachael said...

you know, i do the same exact thing to myself. we should start a support group! i love your creations, they are beautiful!

{i am stopping by from SITS to say hi}

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Good luck with your shop - if these two adorable samples are any indication, you will do VERY well!

Dropping by to welcome you to SITS - glad to have you join us!

Rhea said...

Very cute plaques! I bet your etsy shop is going to be adorable! Don't be so hard on yourself.

I'm here with the SITS Welcome Wagon! I've been a member from the beginning, and it's such a wonderful community of women. I've met so many amazing bloggers and read so many fun blogs. Welcome aboard, SITSta!

Brandy said...

Even with "crappy" pictures those plaques are adorable! Good luck on your new venture!

Welcome to SITS!

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