Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Sponsor Spotlight

Hello Friends! Thanks for poppin' in for another round of Saturday Sponsor spotlight, where my dear friends, who help me fund the little projects around this little home of mine get their time in the spotlight. :) They're definitely worth checking out, because I only show off what I love of course. Happy Blogging!

Significantly Simple is the blog run by my newest blog friends, Heather and Laila. 
Their blog is full of fun things from product reviews, "crunchy living" ala, being more green which I'm currently digging big time, and recipes. Woohoo! 
In their words:
We created Significantly Simple as a means of helping others to live a simple, but significant life.  We aren’t always able to find, buy, make, or support the best of the best, but we can do our best to live an authentic life.  An authentic life does not mean having the biggest and best of everything, but being the biggest and best to yourself and your family.

Isn't that super inspiring? And, how about this little teaser...
They're hosting a giveaway on Monday! Go check out their website and maybe you can get a hint as to what it might be!

Handy Man, Crafty woman pretty much explains itself I'd say!
I met Laurie through Feature Yourself Fridays and loved perusing her blog at her before and afters! They've got some great projects with how-tos which is a bonus in my book! Want a few sneakypeaks?

Everyone in blog land knows Cap Creations! If you don't you're missing out that's for sure. She makes some darling jewelry. 
A few of my favorites,

Plus! She has a blog, with freakin' awesome ideas like this one

something diane made

Diane is a friend of mine who I recently connected with that has the cutest little up and coming shop!
She specializes in crochet items, like these cute little hats, and neckwarmers! 

How about even better, go check out her facebook fan page and *like* it because she's going to giveaway an item when she gets to 150 fans! Quick, go go go!

My blogger BFF! Even if she weren't my other half living across the country, I'd still love her blog, her shop and everything else about this little ball o' fire. 
She blogs

She sews

She creates, Nuff' said.

Erin is a fantastic photographer from Myrtle Beach S.C with a great eye for photos! If you live in the area or anywhere semi-near it, I'd highly recommend her, in fact I keep trying to get her to come to Michigan so I can use her talent! :)

Oh Sodderbug, Sodderbug! First of all I love my Sodderbug charm, and I know you would too! I have a picture of my kids and my blog button on the other side. But the possibilities are endless! And, for a great price. Check it. ;)

Thanks again to my lovely sponsors for being so awesome! Go show some love and check them out will ya?


The Nothem Family said...

I love ED Photography. ERin did our pictures last ear when she was still living in southern California. WE are both marine wives. She even has a picture of my family and a single of my little boy in the galleries on her website. She is really awesome and easy to work with!!!

The Nothem Family said...

just noticed, the picture that comes up when i comment is actually a picture that Erin D. took. How funny!!!

Mommyto3andahusky said...

That stair re-do is just amazing!!!

Grigore Roman said...

Thanks for sharing, very nice blog...
Im the newest follower to your blog, hope to see you on my page too...

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