Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shop shoutout, holla.

So, for the Christmas season of giving, my Mother called me up one day with a request, and I quote..

"Dearest Daughter of mine, won't you please make me some of those fantastic jute monograms? I want to fancy some up for Christmas for my co-workers."




I of course said sure and made some like the little machine I am.

Here's what she did with a few, go it.

But, here's the thing.. She didn't need quite as many as I bought so I have an over abundance of monograms in the house shop right now, pre-made and ready to ship within 24 hours. So if you're in the market for a monogram they're 12.00 shipped that's almost half off, peeps! I'm in clean up mode at the house and they gotta go! :) Head on over here to purchase one or twenty.

*Note, the monogram you'll receive is not embellished, those are just photos of some that my mother snazzied up. They come plain, and gorgeous as can be au' natural. *

 Don't forget, Feature Yourself Friday is back tonight!


Beth Eaton said...

Love, Love, Love the embellished monograms! It's easy to see where you get your talent! Do I see a guest post in the future from her {hint..hint}.

The Nothem Family said...

I absolutely love your monograms. I saw the post on them months ago and loved it so much i made one for us, and I LOVE it. I even change it up a bit for some holidays. Thanks for the super cute idea!!!

Dreaming of Palm Trees said...

Wow! That is so impressive. I'll have to get your tips on how to make these next holiday. :)

Dreaming of Palm Trees

Jami Nato said...

suh-per cute!

Closer to Lucy said...

I love those and really am going to have a little look-see. Just window shopping today though. Looking for ideas in a bathroom makeover...those give me a lil thought..hummmmm.

I'm out for a hop, come on by when you get a chance!

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