Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nonsense {and a winner

The post of nonsense and randomness. Enjoy.

First, the winner from the Of the Earth Giveaway!


You didn't leave an email so ago ahead and email me and we'll hook ya up.

Next, I've discovered the wonders of instagram, if you follow me on Facebook you know already.

Did I mention I like it a lot.

I'll spare you the XL close up of my pores.

I started painting the kitchen again (big sigh) and realized we had a leak.


So I took off the trim to have a better look.

Then I picked at it.

Tons of awesome going on there.

Sometimes I send my husband pictures of my outfits, ya know to tide him over from seeing my lover-ly face all week.

I always say to myself "Self you should link up to WIWW at the Pleated Poppy. Then I remember that I only wear tshirts and that's not so hot.


That's a pretty dirty mirror, I'd totally judge if I were you. It's okay.

Did you know it's a month until my birthday.


I have something pretty shweet in store for you, and if you're a shop owner and want to hear more about it or be included you should definitely email me.

Pinky promise, it's good. Like girl scout cookie good.


Yup, this chick is crashing the California bloggers conference. Well, okay it's not totally just for California girls, not at all. But I feel like most everyone is from there and I'm crashing it. Careful, I'm a stage five clinger.

Just kidding.
Or am I.
But really, are you going? You should, so I can meet you.

That's basically it.
All I've got for you today, lame I know. But it's true.

Be back tomorrow for some more fun.

I never put pictures of myself on the blog and I put three up today, not gonna lie.. I feel like I'm full of myself today.


Allison @ House of Hepworths said...

Okay, so first off Mrs Fingerprints, you look so fab and adorable in your pictures! Pre-tay, fo' shizzle!

Secondly, what's the DL about this Blog Sugar business? I just read their site. Should I go? Who? What? Where? When? and Why?

Where are you staying? Is it really worth $60 plus travel expenses to only get together for one afternoon? Sell me and maybe I'll make an appearance. ;)


Allison @ House of Hepworths

MommyMeagan said...

haha- TOTally not full of yourself. I already stalked your facebook to tell you how INSANELY excited I am about you going- er, uh- coming to blog sugar! Now I have to hurry and convince Breadwinner it's not ridiculous to register now even though it's not until September and who knows which end will be up then! PS I link up at WIWW and have been known to completely disregard the growing number of fingerprints on my mirror and post anyway- so there ya go. ;) OOHHH!! and the most important thing- one month til your b-day? Um, mine is May 19th. Tell me we share the day and I will fall over with excitement! Stalker out.

Cherie said...

Well arent you just adorable! I love yuor pic with your hair up even with the dingy mirror. We have kids... when is it ever not dirty. I am soo not judging... I dont realize it is dingy until I take a picture of myself.
I have been known to post bathroom pics of myself on my facebook and it is good to feel full of yourself even for a day ;-) especially if you are feeling pretty that day!


Sarah @ The Bird's Papaya said...

you're adorable. and those are NICE tshirts!!

Jami Nato said...

i too am obsessed with instagram! and i'm jealous you're going to blog sugar...

Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots said...

I cannot WAIT for our Blog Sugar slumber party.

And the 3 pictures of yourself? Totally hot. Not awkward. Unless you're you. Which you are.

P.S. Thanks for the shout-out on your FOTF Facebook!

KimmyKat320 said...

I just started following this blog, but I can already tell Im in love. This is awesome. You crack me up. Sorry about that leak *yikes* it looks scary. Oh and you can totally rock the poppy on a tee I suggest you give it a try!!

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