Saturday, May 7, 2011

Good readin' good shoppin' Saturday.

We have some new friendly faces er.. Buttons over there. Did you notice them? Well they're some great shops and blogs and I wanted to take a minute out to tell you about them.

Because I love them, and you will too!

Canvas Prints

I wrote about Easy Canvas prints the other day so you know how good they are, did you know they're having a special right now?
20% off all canvases right now with free shipping and a free 8x10 with every purchase over 60.00. That's a lot of bang for your buck, eh?

Katie, from Intricately Made by Katie has some beautiful and affordable hand made jewelry. I have a set of her pearl earrings and I love them. They're a great addition to every outfit to give it a little class!

 And I'm loving this pearl strand. Gor-geous!
She also has a blog!

In His Grace made an appearance on the blog at the last Etsy Love post, well she saw the post and decided to hang out at FOTF on a regular basis! How cool! :) I already drool over the awesome pillows she makes {by hand! Whoopwhoop!}

but check out this checkbook cover! So cute, the fabric and flower are so cute.

DIY Vinyl is an awesome shop that supplies everything from vinyl to chalkboard pens {squeal} Lot's of people write me about how I deal with the chalk dust from our giant chalkboard in the kitchen. Well there's your answer! Chalk pens. Love them! And, her prices are really REALLY good compared to Amazon or a craft store! :)

Sign me up has a plethora of handmade signs to choose from to add a little spice to your decor! :) You know I love me something handmade! How about a family name?

And, she has a code for Fingerprints readers for 20% off,
FOTF20 at checkout :)
Or a reminder?

Significantly Simple is two friends on a mission to blog and help you live a simple happy life. They blog about everything from recipes to product reviews, and they have some great giveaways (Many that they hold on their facebook page)! Definitely a good read!

Whimsy Couture Pattern Shop

Whimsy Couture is the place to go for your sewing Ebooks! If you're a pro at sewing or just a beginner she has something that you could make!

Say It On the Wall

Vinyl Vinyl everywhere! It's a big trend right now and Say it on the Wall has lots o' things to choose from! :)

Cap Creations is a well known name in blogland for hand stamped jewelry and other lovely pieces.

something diane made
Something Diane Made has been around FOTF for a long time now, and it's because she ROCKS! :) I'm currently loving her dish scrubbies. Loving..them.

Photography by Irinia
My friend Irina is a photographer from Virgina who also has a super pretty etsy shop filled with gorgeous prints. But, did you know she has an addicting new site called Rasp & Berrie that has all the inspiration for what to wear during portraits that anyone would ever need? 

What to wear

I love it!

Sugar and Dots. Funny, pretty, silly, sometimes serious, crafty as heck and knows how to cook. Is there anything else I need to mention? I think not.

So once you're done using those Ebooks I told you about, you can put some tags on them! Super super super affordable and a gem to work with!
Alternative Name
 The BBM is a blog full of cute ideas for parties and such. Everything she makes is gorgeous, and she has her own shop for paper items!

Booties and hats oh my! Another cute shop filled with patterns for you to whip up some adorable shoes in no time. Seriously, look at these?! Adorbs!

Whew! Did you get through that? A lot of pretty things in one place. But it's my time to say a BIG thank you to my sponsors over at FOTF, this place wouldn't be the same without you!

Interested in sponsoring or hosting a giveaway? Contact me at for the deets!


Kacy said...

I'm having trouble getting to the Whimsy Cotoure site. Both buttons keep taking me to the Intricately Made By Katie site. Am I doing something wrong?

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