Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chevron, Aqua, Mustard oh my!

Well here she is! The new Fingerprints on the Fridge.

Gosh she's pretty, right?

I loved my soothing neutral design before, but was feeling the need for change. Enter Kim from 733 Designs. 

She did a GREAT job. She's super affordable and fast! If you're thinking about changing up your design a bit or are planning on getting a whole overhaul, she's your chick. Check her out! 

There's also a couple more things we added.

A House Tour tab. 
But, don't click it yet. Ha! It's a little work in progress right now. 

More ways to follow. 
You might already follow FOTF on Twitter and Facebook but did you know I'm also on Pinterest? My friend Mandi says she can tell what kind of mood I'm in that day by what I pin. Haha, silly girl. 

We also have some new sponsors for October!


The Holidays are coming up and so many of the sponsors here at FOTF have amazing shops that I could spend all day looking at. Why don't you take a minute and check them out eh? There's going to be some fun giveaways from a few in the next couple of weeks too! Eek!


Lorie said...

It looks great!

Tricia @ SweeterThanSweets said...

I LOVE this color scheme. Looks awesome!

Natalie Catherine of said...

girl it's fabulous!!!

Cortney said...

It's beautiful!

Natalie said...

*DROOL* I love it! My 3 favorite things all rolled into one beautiful blog!

Jennifer said...

WOW! Looks fantastic! LOVE the new look! :)
Scissors & Spatulas

Tanya Anurag said...

Wow...congratulations on the new look. It looks awesome!! I am inspired to work on my blog design. Thanks for sharing!

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

I love your new look ... great colors.

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

I love Kim at 733! she did our blog, too! Looks great.

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