Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas giving ideas..numero....Three!

How about some more Christmas ideas for those lovies in your life. I have a nice little list of things I know that the people in your life would enjoy.

I recently went to a craft show and met so many fun women who own their own shops. I love that! I'm a big supporter of buying handmade, not only do you get something made with love but you're probably helping a mom follow her dreams and pay the bills. Bonus..and Bonus!

First up, Joy Sparks Designs.

If my camera weren't dead I'd take a photo but I bought the cutest typewriter ring from her. It says 1/2 1/4 which.. 2 & 4 are special dates to me as it's my kids birthdays! How cool huh? Once I got home and browsed her shop I saw these.

SUCH a cute idea for that man in your life. Unique and fun. She's got lots of other goodies in her shop and if you join her on facebook you can get 10% off your order. There's still time to order for Christmas ya'll JUMP on it.

Whimzie is another shop I recently fell in love with. Her shop doesn't have a lot in it because of the recent craft show but I promise you, she's a shop to look out for when it comes to headbands and bows. I purchased some for my girls and they adore them.

Tons of feathers.. Tons of flowers.. so dainty and pretty. I'm excited for her to get new items in, because you'll love them! She's got a facebook too if you want to check her out more!

One more Michigan shop :) Remember my facebook post about these lovely finds?

They're from Two Charming and it was really hard to stop at just two things! Her shop is so fun! Look at her booth photos! Big fan..Big big fan! It'd be really easy to find something for a secret Santa gift from her!

With love Marie
I just bought these the other day and I'm itching to get them in the mail! My oldest wants feathers so bad and these were a good price and they had really good reviews.

If you've got a little fashionista on your hands like me check it out. Plus right now she had a special going on where you get a free gift. Whoop whoop. Great stocking stuffer!

I love that these are gifts that you know they aren't going to get from someone else, you'll be the cool friend who knows where to buy all the awesome finds. ;)

Please note I wasn't compensated at all for this post. I bought all these gifts with my own moolah and I just wanted to share a few shops that I'm really happy with and thought you might be too! Merry Christmas! 


Renewed Upon a Dream said...

Yea! Love how you're supporting Michigan shop owners! I'm on the eastside, but I love purchasing locally as well! Thanks for promoting our state :)

classic • casual • home said...

Such awesome ideas. said...

Great ideas! Love the typewriter ring!

Patrice said...

Thanks for introducing those great shops - love Two Charming!!!

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