Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fingerprints on the Fridge on Etsy.

Every once in a while I like to open up my shop to spark a little creativity and well, contribute to the family income. ;) With Christmas rolling around I had a very informal poll online if you'd like to see a small variety of FOTF pretties up for sale for a short period (Short enough that I can get everything sent out fast, in time for Christmas parties or in time for Santa to bring it ;)

So here 'tis.

I put a little spin on the old version of my flower pin/hair clip combos.

Only three different types but I think they're way cute. Right now I have the red one pinned to my wool jacket and I get so many compliments on them! Plus they're pretty big. The size of my hand almost.

Remember the pearl detail? She got a little sprucing too with some glitter. It's the holidays and the holidays always call for more glitter.

And, I added a natural ticking one. Which happens to make my heart flutter. I'm already a big fan of ticking, but make it cream colored which goes with everything? Get outta here. Loves.

There ya go. They would look adorbs on your little girls headband, or clipped up in a pony. Added as a "bow" on your Christmas packaging. Or heck, pinned to your apron if you work one day a week as a waitress like this chick. ;) Compliments galore.

Want one for yourself? Your little girl? Your mother? Sister? Aunt? Postal worker? Snatch one (or ten) up while they're hot. I'm only leaving the shop open until Monday the 12th so that everything can be shipped out ON MONDAY. :) The best part? Free shipping. 


Desire Empire said...

Love these. The ticking sample is superb and the felt is also great. My little girl wears a similar felt one in her hair which never fails to get positive remarks.

Love the pearl centre....incredibly stylish.

OksanaB said...

Adorable flowers. Always enjoy looking at your beautiful photographs.

Jami Nato said...


Fiona said...

I love them, they're beautiful. Great blog!

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