Monday, August 11, 2008

The three catagories

When it comes to customers who go out to eat, they can be put into 3 different catagories. (Theres sub-catagories too but we wont go into that.)

The old folks- Either overly nice (love them!), or horribly grumpy. Usually still tip like its the 50's. Many a time I've heard "Oh just leave a dollar, you know they get paid by the hour too!" You are right young sir, I get paid a whopping 2.65 a hour! Thank you! Like their coffee scaulding hot, soup steaming and hate when its under 68.2 degrees in the restaraunt.

The non tippers- Sometimes this group can trick you. They can seem very nice, chatty, interested in you and BAM theres nothing on the table. However this is a select few that do this. Most of the time, the non tippers want E-V-E-R-Y thing for free. They will also be sure to ask you EXACTLY how much things cost and how much it is to add something. Of course getting angry when there is a charge, obviously because it's the waitresses fault, management has nothing to do with it. Just for the record, if the extra 50 cents to add some mushrooms to your steak, is going to make or break you- Pretty sure you shouldn't be going out to eat. And, those 50 cents are the LEAST of your problems!

The big tippers- these are the BEST, not just because they know how to tip, but because they're the most fun. They like to have a good time, make jokes, laugh at your jokes- no matter how corny. I like to get corny with my tables, sometimes I do a jig for them too if I really like them ;-). They appretiate you and your service. You get the "please AND the thank you". I can't say enough good things about this group. I just want to snuggle them up and say thank you thank you! You rock my socks.

Now, I realize my "Non tipper" catagory is the biggest, and a lot of this post has to do with money. Basically thats because I had a bad day. And, Yes I chose this job knowing very well that I could make 20.00 or 200.00 a day, and it all changes. So, I'm okay with that. I'm just not okay with people who are mean twords their waitstaff and think that they don't deserve a little extra something just to say, thanks, you really made my dinner enjoyable. What really errrrks me (yes errrks) is when a table says to me, SAYS TO ME. "Sorry I can't tip you today, the economy is bad!" Your right, the economy is bad, and your making it worse for me by not leaving a measly couple of bucks. However I hoped you enjoyed your 14.95 Ribeye, 9.45 Orange roughy, two drinks and desert. And, may God only hope I don't get you next time. Because I might forget your refills.

Sorry for the whinefest, but c'mon now. Give a girl a break!


Its So Very Cheri said...

Amen sista-

My husband believes every waitress deserves at least 20%. There have been very few times a waitress didn't get 20% from us and lets just say it has to be pretty bad service for that to happen.


Gale said...

Both of my girls waitressed for awhile. It certainly made them good tippers knowing how very hard you work.

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