Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tea party anyone?

My biggest Love Bug wants to have a tea party! She even set everything out right, and filled the cups with water. The bowls for the sugar have water in them too. The plates have drops of water on them also, basically its a tea party with no food or tea just water. She's amazing. She also just has on jean shorts and snow boots. Love her style.

Work was long, long long long. Where I work theres two temperatures. Antartica or the sun. (Because the suns hot, haha, I know right?) Anyways today was about 140ish degrees. Sometimes I wonder if my boss thinks when I die I'm going to hell and he wants me to get ready for the heat. Or, my other thought is, maybe he thinks the heat will make me sweat more and loose more weight. No one wants a sweaty waitress though do they? Didn't think so. So, with the crazy temperatures and people requesting a hamburger with 4 extra plates so everyone at the table could have a bite (How does that even work, eating just a 1/4 of a burger? How does that fill you up? HOW exactly?) It was one of the worst. But, I will add. I had a kick ass chicken stir fry for lunch, that always makes me smile.

I might try and cook tonight- our oven doesnt work right now but I could manage with the stove. I'm thinking stuffed french toast, wont do a darn good for my diet but it tastes so good!

Have fun being fabulous all!


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