Monday, August 25, 2008

Window MIStreatments.

Okay.. so theres this little phenomenon known as the nester who I secretly admire from afar, because well shes amazing. If I knew how to link her, I would. Or will, we'll see.. Would,Will,We'll say that 10 times fast.

Anyways. She does this freakishly so unperfect its perfect thing to her windows she calls mistreatments. And, guess who tried it. This girl. I might say, I think I rocked it with an A+.

This is my boring hallway with what used to be a bare wall with dusty ol' blinds. And, well I had this fabric laying (lying?) around.. (ie. went out of my way and searched and searched at joanne fabric for 1000.00ish a yard fabric) look what I did with it though! Just admire. Are you? Good.

Tack and fold, tack and fold. How freaking easy is that? I know! And, no it's not perfect, it's too long on one side. Too poofy on the other. But you know what- neither am I. I couldn't count the flaws. But don't care right now..Luh-ve it!

This is my bathroom window which is halfway into my tub/shower. I didn't want to buy something when ta-da I can make it! So, no sewing for this lazy chick. I used safety pins! each side I folded, pined. Then for the two middle parts I sintched, folded, sintched folded- Still with me? Then pin! I then GLUED, yep glued. The ribbon down the middle and glued a sepereate bow to each side. Nailed the top up with upholstery tacks and voila! Grogeous. To me atleast.

Did you enjoy? I enjoyed showing you. My one viewer out there. I see you!


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