Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lets talk about groceries bay bay.

Just recently I got into the art of couponing. And, it's a new obsession. Tonight I rocked out like none before me.
I went to walmart (yes, eek!) with something like 30 or so kick ass coup's. Marched my butt to the register which rang up to 135.55 and PROUDLY handed her my stack.

27.2 hours later after scanning each one of them, my total came to be, after taxes 34.04 good right? Hellz yeah its good!

Wouldn't it be nice to shop for someone as a job? And, say you pay me HALF of what I save you? I coulda just made 50.75 for something I already love to do! Oh, how fun it is to dream. If you hear of a job like that, hit a girl up okaythnx!


maura said...

just saw this post- at the bottom of your last post. I too am a couponer. Wow this was amazing! I just started out about 6 weeks ago but I am finding it very addictive!

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