Friday, September 19, 2008

Fall-ing into fall!

If your anything like me, you L-UH-VE autumn. The nice breeze, the colors, the comfortable sweaters. Going from blond to a nice ashy brown. Football, (which I don't necessarily enjoy but, come football means come fall, they go hand in hand, so I have to like it) Pumpkins, which leads to Halloween my number one favorite holiday ever! Turning the air off, thus saving me 100 a month in A/C charges. Leaving the windows open during the day. Camping with the fam for one last hurrah. Breaking out the autumn boots, black leather, brown leather, uggs, all so..perfect.

And, of course. Decorating for this wonderful season. First, love the colors. It's a nice alternative to the brights of summer. By Sept. 1 I'm well over pinks, greens, yellows. And ready for my burnt orange, brown, reds.. mmm. As I've said before I painted my living room 3 times now, in less than a year and right now its the perfect greenish tone to go with the brown and red barn stars I just hung up. Tomorrow- the fall tour. Are you ready?
You bring the cider, I'll knit the cozy sweaters and start the hay ride.


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