Monday, September 29, 2008

So Sorrys!

Gosh, pictures of my house took way too long. I promised and didn't provide. My bad. But, due to everyone in my family being sick as a dog, and no cord-y-thing to post pictures.. I was kind of, how do you say? Screwed.

But here goes. This is only what I've done so far.. A little raffia can go a long way into making this gorgeous barn star POP..

Oh hey candied apples! (Or is it just plain candy apples? Have they been candied, if they arent real? Well, anyway..)Look at you sparkle! There WAS another jar next to the apples with orange leaves in it, ala the ones next to the big "K" up there.. But, alas she fell down behind my tv into a million little sharp pieces I'm STILL finding and sucking up into my vacuum cleaner. Oh well. She's still pretty. Maybe I'll get another and add some pinecones, or acorns? Hmm.

And, how about that. Vase= Free. Rocks= Free. Sticks= Free! Looks and smells like fall to me. Priceless! Literally!

Tomrrow I'll get my butt into gear and put more up but for now, the Lovebug1 is ready for bed. :)


Chris said...

I have to say, I laughed out loud at the comment you left. It's exactly something that I would say! You live in Michigan. So. do. I. A couple of things--I love the sticks, I am sooo envious of all that money you saved at Wal Mart, and Happy Anniversary. I SO would have remembered. :)

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