Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wedding gift, Mums and a black eye!

Well my bffandeverandever got married this last weekend, and silly me I forgot her present! However, pretty sure God meant for that to happen b/c I dreamed up something even BETTER for her. Ripped the first one apart and made this amazing scrapbook frame.
Bad news, I don't know where my darned camera is, its late too. But tomorrow, promise it'll be here! It's all "falled" up, because well her wedding was autumn themed and gorgeous! All us fab girls wore different autumn colors- we were like a bunch of leaves! LB1 was a flower girl and of course was the cutest little love bug EVAAR! She even waltzed, alone, during the ceremony when they were lighting the unity candle and another bridesmaid was signing. Priceless I tell you. If I had a video you know it'd be up by now.

Now, onto the mums part. Where in the heck can I get some galvanized buckets? Because well I saw a fabulously cleaver project to use them as planters and home depot (my second home, besides H.L of course) didn't have them. Argh. Hate that! But, I did get some maroon, orange, yellow and whiteish mums. So pretty. I'm over the whole bright pinks from summer.. But yeah, I've said that- sorry!

Now for the sad part. We went to dinner tonight at a friends, we got qdoba- which I usually love. But, they didn't ask if I wanted my chips on the side or in the bowl and I completely forgot until I left. Which resulted in soggy chips, and a angry momma! During the whole "why in the heck are my chips soggy, oh yeah they aren't on the side, duh" fiasco. LB1 screamed louder than gosh knows what. She got hit with a wooden block. Poor babe! She now has a huuuuugee black eye which keeps swelling even though she has ice on it. I hate when shes hurt and there's nothing I can do besides hold her. She kept telling me her face was blue, not black. "It's not a black eye mom! It's BLUE!"

LB2 (I hardly ever talk about her huh? whoops! Shes around too I swear!) Finally started to talk, she says momma, dada and li li. Too cute! Love her to bits, shes such a easypeasy baby!

Time to go watch some t.v... clean my house.


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