Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Teeny Tiny Bathroom

Well, I promised this Monday, and had a blizzard. So I promised it Wednesday, and I ran out of batteries for my camera. BUT I'm here now, with pictures of my *almost* big enough for two people bathroom. Pictures are bad because- you know the drill bad camera.


Wow, that's dark. It's an absolutely better color than it looks here. And, as you can see LB1 doesn't understand the fact that some towels are for looks only.. So, most of the time there are four there. Much more filling and pretty. Now, help with the shelves, they're way too high and I'm aware of that, but I couldn't think of anything to put in the empty space. Besides some shelves and frames one of which is empty? You like!? ha.

Now you can really see how small my bathroom is! Scary huh? Oh look at that, it's so small the window is going into the tub. Can you imagine sharing this with 3 other people on a daily basis! I barely had anything to work with! But, I loved the house anyway. Remember I said there was tile on the walls? Yeah, we just covered that with the bead board. I'm sure experts would say that's a no-go. But, it worked for me, you can't even tell. Liquid nails are my bff.

Here is my sink. It's nothing special just a stock sink and base from Home Depot. You should have seen the sink before. It was attached to the wall so 1.) no storage. Bad! 2.) Was very rusty on the lower part. Do you know what that means? When rust gets hot, apparently it drips. Yes I had drippy rust on my floors. Ick! Bad! 3.) It had two separate spouts. As in one handle and spout gave you hot, one cold. There was NO warm water! Imagine me splashing the two together to wash my face. It happened. Bad! Now it's pretty, clean and white. With plenty of storage underneath for all my stockpile of stuff for the bathroom. :) Love.

This was my inspiration! Isn't she lovely? Kohl's, last year. I have a matching frame too! Wanna know what they had at Targets global bazaar this year? Yep a matching mirror. Huge. Shoulda' got it but.. 100.00 for a mirror when I already had one. Mr. P didn't quite agree with that. And, it's not like I coulda' pulled a "Oh we already had that you just don't pay enough attention" again. Some day he's gonna catch on. :)

Welcome to my storage closet. Over the door shoe holder. Love. You. It holds everything I need and it's all in close reach. And, you can't see it right now, but I hang my bathrobes there too, so if someone where to come in my bathroom and close the door they'd just see a few robes not all my JUNK.

Well that's it ya'll! I know, it's not that great looking from the outside world. But to me, it's lovely. She was tiny cold and hadn't had a face lift -EVER- There's something about a do it yourself project that gives you so much pride, others just don't understand!


Stacia Howard said...

Very cute! And I LOVE the idea of using the over the door shoe holder, brilliant!

Kathy Eller said...

Your bathroom may actually be a lttle bigger than ours...we havent even hung towel bars---YOU have done a great job! I like the color too! I dont know where you steal the time from though........

Did you get the bracelet yet? Should be there by Saturday :)

Saucy said...

It is all looking great. About that large mirror that passed you by, I might have been tempted to play it this way: an "accident" with the existing mirror....

oh, I am so bad.

DiSailsToo said...

Oh boy - I don't know if you'll see this a year later, but . . . WOW!!! You covered your tile with beadboard? OMG! What a great idea!! Our upstairs bathroom in our 100 year old house has pink and green tile going up the walls which I would LOVE to cover up! Can I ask HOW you did it? Finally, I feel like maybe there is some hope! We can't afford a major bathroom overhaul, but I know I can certainly tackle beadboard myself! Thank you so much for the great inspiration on your blog.

spottylover said...

Very cute!
Your bathroom is huge compared to mine... at only 6x5.5 there is no room to even dry off in there. And there are 4 of us to share it. And no storage. I have seen smaller, but not by much.
Love the blue and white. You are right, the green was a bit dark and this looks fabulous ;-)

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