Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

Anybody else having the Easter bunny come tonight? I sure am. Not only does LB1 and LB2 get excited about it. BUT they were more than willing to hop (get it) into bed early tonight! Yess. I've seen buckets like these around the Internet world before and I had used the paint can idea before for Halloween but I wanted to take a try at these. I love them. I've even got a UH-MAZIN idea for my Etsy shop because of these. Excited to show that soon too.. I'm working on it, just not fast enough!

Anyway, here they are in all their glory. Enjoy!

Galvanized buckets from Lowes, 3.00. Ribbon *Too much* I spent more on ribbon than I have in my life, however, I have plenty left for later. Wands, 1.00. Movie, 9.00. Cup and journal 1.00 each.

LB1 & LB2 's faces in the a.m...

Hopefully priceless.

My bff comes over every Sunday night for Tudors and Pizza, So naturally I made her one too. Nono, if your watching- avert your eyes! Hers is more decked out so she can put things in it in her room. Which she better *Evil eye*

Well, that's enough. Happy Easter everyone. I hope you get to spend some wonderful time with all your families, and of course- the Easter bunny is fun and all, but don't forget the other reason.


Chris said...

Oh. my. gosh. I LOVE those! You should send those in to Tip Junkie for an Easter basket idea! Looks like I'm off to Lowes!

Chris said...

I forgot to mention we have one more thing in common--The TUDORS!!!! I am in LOVE with that show. I don't have Showtime, so I'm watching season 2 on DVD right now. It's amazing!

Kathy Eller said...

VERY VERY Cool! Can I be your BFF and get one?!

Do I need to see the Tudors? In dont have Showtime either...hmm...

The Momma said...

Of course! Just wait till next Easter, they're the bomb.

And, yes The Tudors is mandatory.

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