Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thank you, Craigslist.

So do any of you out there have husbands who DRAW THE LINE at buying new (obviously needed) items.
Example: We bought a living room set from Art Van, 3 years ago. Included: A couch, love seat two side tables, a coffee table and.. the worlds ugliest lamps.

Said lamps-

Eww right? So, since Mr. P didn't see it as a necessity to get rid of them, and replace with new beauties. I did what any sane woman would do while her husband is a million miles away. Put them on Craigslist and buy new while he's gone. :) Smile.

Isn't she a beaut? The color is way off on my camera so the shade really doesn't look disgusting in person like it does in the picture. It's a nice tan color, with a black stripe. To match my other lamps I got, a tweedish fabric shade ;) or so I call it. And, a black shade. I luh-luh-love that they are all different shape lamps but go together with the shades and matching matte silver bodies. *Heart*

Oh, are you wondering why my lamps are on the floor? Ha, funny story. I put those tables on Craigslist too. 120.00 more dolla dollas in my pocket for new ones next week! :) Smilex2.

Poor husband came home to a whole new living room. But you can't see it until I get my tables. I want you to see the whole thing, and say ahhh like I do.

One more lovely I got? Well my ever so loving father gave me my old savings bonds so I could cash em out and buy some new clothes that fit, since I have gained and lost and gained and lost and have NOTHING to wear for our vacation.. *wah* Cry me a river, I know. Well, I went to Target.. the devils playground. And ran across the pillow isle.

I know- Priorities.

I'll be naked in Disney. But until then, I have some lovely fluffy perfect green/blue pillows to lay on.
[Shopping list. All Lampshades/lamps are from Walmart. Excluding the tall skinny base which was bought at Meijer. Brown and Blue Paisley pillows are from TJMAXX and Green knitted pillow from Target]


Chris said...

You're hilarious! Way to Craigslist it up! I can't wait to see the living room reveal. Oh...AND pictures of you from Disney. You'll have to be hiding behind Mickey or something, but the pillows were totally worth it! said...

Craigslist and I are friends! Thanks for stopping by today!


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