Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My little slice of the U.S.A

In the midst of my absence, while I was cleaning, packing, list-making (a personal fav) and loving on my Mr. (Second fav.. I kid, I kid.) I noticed my house just a little bit more.

We bought this place in 2007, it's pretty old! And, it was pretty ragged super high gloss paint (full of lead) a bathroom with a sink that when too hot, dripped rust onto the floor. Speaking of the bathroom floor- pink. That is all I'll say about that.

But there were a few charmers that I've come to adore.

I'm sure 100% of my visitors have passed my garage and not noticed this lovely perched on top. I can not begin to tell you how many times I've contemplated climbing onto the roof there and ripping it off to put above my cabinet space in my kitchen. *Sigh* It's just- perfect. When we move- we're taking this.
What? Oh, moving on.
When we had the walk through before signing, I told Mr. P, the realtor and my Mom the first thing to go where the doors in our house. The knobs, ew!

Fast forward 1 week after signing. They started to rub off on me. I didn't hate them, but I also didn't love them either. You know the drill. Some shiny silver spray paint. Voila! They add a little bit of charm to our oldie but goodie.
Oh if your wondering why on EARTH the screws weren't spray painted too, and um.. why the bottom one isn't screwed all the way in? Oh, well. This is actually the back of my master bedroom's door. I'll be real with you here. No one sees the back door. Hence why the un matching screws found their home there. :) And I didn't have it in me to fight with the bottom one more than a 30 seconds to realize it had won. It wont budge.
Ok, Ok...

Now, this is a little silly. But, this part of the house just recently got a one up into my favorites. It's located in our hallway going upstairs to the girls rooms. It's our attic door. BUT, for anyone who's seen Coraline- It's where the Other Mother lives.

We talk about it often, the LB1 and I. The fact that in the magical mind of my child we have a doorway to the Other Mothers realm makes me absolutely positively happy. But as you know with our Elf, and Leprechauns. I love to make believe with my children. Love. it.

It doesn't hurt that having buttons sewed on as eyes isn't on her list of priorities, and she wouldn't dare go in there- so it's the perfect spot for hiding Christmas Presents! :)
There you have it! The little charms that you, you and you wouldn't have even noticed! What things are in your home that make your heart flutter?


Kristin said...

I loved Coraline and I love your attic door. How whimsical! At first I loathed our ceramic tile kitchen floor. Yup, still loathe it. Can you send some positivity my way? Ah ha.

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