Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mighty, Mighty Bee!

Wow, eventful week around here! Mr. P got to stay home to enjoy LB1 at school for "Daddy and Me day" So, I decided it best to take a break and enjoy some Mr. Bowchickawowwow...wait what? Um..

So, needless to say. I've got nothin'. Not a dang thing to talk about. I didn't do one single project (besides piles and piles of laundry- yes that's right! Go me!)

So, leaving you with some cuteness. LB2 decided she wanted to take everything out of the second shelf in our hallway closet- {you know, the 11:00 pm project I just haaaadd to do. The doors still aren't on and it's a mess? That's scratching off because I didn't sand? That looks like, CA-RAP? What? Yeah, that closet. :)}

Obviously I had a reason for the procrastination! It's her little cove now. When she wants her bubs, this is her snuggle place. Every day this happens.. And, look at that she some how stole LB1's "boo" How sweet.

Do you think I can just let her sleep here and put her crib on craigslist? I kid, I kid.


Kathy said...

That's the thing matter how perfect we can decorate our homes...we LIVE in them. I love how cute your daughter is and how our kids wont let us take ourselves too serioulsy. As we try to make things just right, they make them their own.

How did you create your blog signature?

Ann On and On... said...

Kids can make anything fun...boy we have a lot to learn from them. :)

Welcome to the wonderful world of SITS! We are glad you joined the fun.

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