Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ode, to the Bestie.

Ode, to my Bestie

A few of you may remember a while ago when I had a problem with these guys?

Yes, well- Maybe I haven't mentioned this but I have a problem with spiders. Like, hyperventilate, ridiculous embarrassing problem.
Hate. Them.
So, be it my luck that as I was doing laundry one day I notice a spider nest. No, not just a tiny white ball hanging from the ceiling (which in itself holds like what, 2 billion baby spiders?) I mean, some arachnophobia nest. Millions.
I googled.
Not only are they creepy. They fake death. You smoosh them, and they fall. Uncurl and crawl at you. Sprint really, if you will. They come out at night--
and the worst, they hunt in packs.
Yeah, give that a minute to sink in.
So, one night during as I was getting the house ready for bed, say oh 2:02 am... I see one. And, this guy isn't just a spider, he's a spider on crack. Spinning around the cabinets like a moth to a light.
Then, I see his friend.
I turn to get the spider spray from the cabinet behind me, and I see another. I start to run walk calmly to the foyer to get the broom, turn on the light and there's 3 more.
Yep, time to move.
Who do you call (ghostbusters) The bestie.
Now, I give you our text messages.
And I quote.
"OMG are you still up?"
"I am now why"
"I'm under attack"
"What? By what?
This is when my phone rings. I tell her what it is, she says she's in bed. She has to work in the a.m. I say, it's okay. I'll just try not to think about it.
2 minutes later.
"Okay if you cant find someone to come over or whatever I will come over and hold down the fort. I'm really scared for you especially with ur track record with your friends"
"lol I can't ask you to come over im just gonna die I think..I just saw three more"
"Your friends being the spiders that is"
"I said i will as a last resort and your not going to die. We haven't finished up Nip/tuck yet"
"What should I do?"
"I dunno. If you need me to I will come over I don't want you to break out in hives or have a panic attack or something"
"You don't have to but Id literally give you my life if you did"
"Okay I'll be there in a bit"
"I'm a bad friend, I'm sorry"
"Shut up no your not"
"No it's cool but come in the front door they've got the back barricaded"
"I didn't shave my legs today, if you give me sh*t I'm going home I swear"
That's my friend. A friend who stayed up till 4 am on a week night, to do the job my husband couldn't do because he was out of town. The friend who wont be mad I stole these pictures from her camera. Or be embarrassed because I told you she wore shorts didn't shave her days.
I'm very lucky to have a pal like you Noelle!
Oh, and we ended up killing 13 spiders in my kitchen that night, yes 13. Griffin came the next day. Best 400.00 I've ever spent.


Kathy said...

I like Noelle. Yo paid HER the $400, right?

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

Cute and scary story.

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