Friday, June 5, 2009

Schools out-- for the summer!

So, as you all know Lovebug #1 had her first year of preschool this year! It was a blast, she loved it. I loved it. I loved her teacher. She loved her too.

So naturally I had to make her something uber cute for her last day. I'd seen this on Tip Junkie before and I fell in love! I thought it was PERFECT for a preschool teacher obviously because they use crayons 99.9% of the day. (When they aren't playing with playdo, which I've come to realize takes up a lot of the princess' hectic day :) )

You can tell by the picture it's pretty self explanatory but- I'll tell you how I created it anyways. I got some heavy duty card stock, and a cheap-o document frame from Meijer. We have crayons all over the place but I did manage to buy a new pack so she could have some pretty new ones. Nice and Sharp!
Then I cut them in half with my cutco knife. I tried cutting them with scissors and well it about took my eye out when it flung at me! If your going to cut it though, you don't have to use a cutco, but I love those knives. Gotta give props!
Oh, right the project.
So I sawed, and cut and sawed and cut. Put them to the paper arranged to my liking. And drew her last name on the bottom. I have really bad handwriting. If I were going to do it again, I'd use a font online. But- trial and error, eh?
Actually the more I look at it the more embarrassed I am.
I might take a penmanship class.
Anywho, that was my pretty I thought I'd share. Since the Disney trip took a HUGE chunk of change from me. Mr. P says I can't spend anymore money this month. BOO! I'm thisclose to finishing my living room. Remember my lamps? Yep those plus new curtains, accessories.. and pizazzz. I just need a couple finishers. Just you wait! :)


Kathy said...

I am once again, impressed. I have been thinking about melting crayons into shapes. I like your handwriting and noticed it right away. I think about these thigns but never get them done in time...YOU ROCK!!

Chris said...

I just love this idea! I've wanted to try it, but it looks like so much work. You, of coure, made it look adorable. I'll bet she loved it!

Kimmie said...

You somehow left out the most important detail. HOW did you attach it to the paper?! I am SO making these for The Girl's teachers. And I JUST realized I didn't log into Blogger, so you're not going to be able to click & email me...just like old times. If you don't know who this is on a first-name only basis, I'll bug you again later.

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