Saturday, June 6, 2009

7 down, 2 to go!

I'm trying to stop. But it's addicting!

First twilight, now this.
I went to the devils playground Target and they were on sale for 5.99 a piece. Oh, yeah this was before the "Rachelle, don't you dare spend one more dime on- anything, not NECESSARY"
Define necessary.
Oh, yeah. So I love them. Maybe it's the vampires I love? Weird? I don't know but all I know is I've spent the last two weeks reading 7 books. The second season opener starts on the 14th.
With Tudors done, sadly... I have to move on.
But, no worries! I have some delicious things to show you this week! All freebies that I finally got to!
I'll give you a hint. It's black, messy and my husband hates it!
LB1s birthday is in less than a month. So, I'm frugally planning that. I'll show you my step by step favors that are going to be given away.
A serving tray...transformed!


Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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