Sunday, July 26, 2009


Wow! July has been one BUSY month! I'm kind of excited it's settling down. Weekend after weekend we've had an event that took up each day!

Yesterday though, was a major fun one. My darling friend Jen had her wedding ceremony and I was lucky enough to be included in it! I'd never been to a Greek wedding, let me tell you.. it's LONG!

But, we all know what happens after the ceremony..RECEPTION! Fun times, fun times! I even did the dance! You would be proud. Enough about that- enjoy some pictures. It's time for me to clean up and get ready for the week. :)Everyone kept throwing money on them during their first dance. Pretty sure it paid for the wedding ;)

Well, I guess not with all those sticky fingers..there goes half! :)
Be back tomorrow with my 4.00 serving tray! I know,I know.. I have issues! It's so much better now!


Kathy said...


What a great looking couple you two are :)

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