Monday, July 20, 2009

Canvas Masterpiece

I've been trying to think of fun things to do this summer on my days off with the girls, since it's just the 3 of us, and things can get old fast!

One thing we did was get some 16x11 (I think? Whatever, it was a good size and on sale for a pack of 2 for 6.99 @ Hob Lob) and some .99 cent paint (that matched my decor) and went to town.

LB1 said hers is DEFINITELY not a boat.

So, there you go.. Not a boat. Gotcha.


I did one too, obviously for fun. I'm no Picasso, basically I painted the first word that came to mind. There's no hidden meaning, or is there?

I plan to put the girls' paintings in my room when I finally get off my butt and make it look like an adult bedroom and not a college dorm. Can't wait! Some free abstract art, that perfectly matches the paint color in my room!


do it yourselfer said...

Love these! I'm gonna do some with my girls! thanks for the inspiration!

Kimmie said...

Oh em gee. Send me your cell #. I have GOT to send you PictureMail. Guess what theme music just started playing again?!

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