Thursday, August 13, 2009

My scary basement remodel.

Remember this?

Shudder.. Scary right? Well the view just got a little bit a lot better. 1. Old supposed to be white walls. Gone. Now a lovely green. Albeit a little dark but, oh well. I saw it and said, "hello green, I love you, want to come home with me?" Yes I move a tad too fast. 2. Dirty green/blue cat peed on carpet. Gone. Clean, soft with some REAL padding underneath. Look the the fresh vacuum marks, ahh. Gives me chills.

Look the dog crate is still there. And look who joined, Hulk Hogans up there napping. Ahh well I'll clean it tomorrow. Maybe. :)

So, after a week of ENDLESS painting. I love it. It looks clean, smells clean, feels clean. The carpet was a .75 cent stock brand at Home Depot and we paid for it and got it installed in 72 hours. Lovely when your working with a strict schedule. The bathroom's painted and is waiting for accessories. Hopefully someone will see it as a cute playroom like I would- eh.. if I wanted to stick around here. :)

I'm joining in Metamorphasis Monday @ Between naps on the porch!! Go check out the other lovely ladies and their before and afters!


This Heavenly Life said...

I love that shade of green! If I had courage, my bedroom walls would be a color close to that, but instead I'll just wiffle-waffle some more about when/if/how the job should be done while my white walls blind me with boredom :)

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Nice improvement! I used to have a chair like the zebra chair.

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

Cheri Peoples said...

What a comfy shade of green. Any project can be overwhelming but this came out great.
This is my first time to your blog. I hope you will come for a visit.
Its So Very Cheri

Kammy said...

Hey Rachelle !
I do also love a newly painted room and I bet the carpet really is nice ! You are going to have a blast decorating it!
Hugs ~ Kammy

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