Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I'm back! Still trying not to be the angry woman that is inside me. But, it could have been worse right? Right! The cops are however, becoming my BFF's since some hoodlum boys decided to "hang" in front of my house on Friday while I was at work and Mr. P was at softball. I feel like every teenager is taunting me. I need help! We asked the sunny mart (Holler.) down the street to keep an eye out for some kid with oh, 200.00 in singles- he said we weren't the only one who got "hit" that night. Hm. Ridiculous.

ANYWAYS- that is behind us. Breath Rachelle. It's over. It's just money. Just my phone. All replaceable.

The house looks marvelous ya'll! I want you to see it so bad! And you will if Noelle will bring her camera over tonight (hint hint) It's so lovely. Shampooed carpets, new fresh paint. New artwork. It's lovely. Hopefully Too bad we won't get to enjoy it much. That is, I hope someone else falls in love with it as I did. :)

So, sorry for the break this weekend, but thethingthatwe'renotmentioninganymore just took all of my energy and good vibes. But I'm back and I have a gorgeous DIY project coming Thursday! Hopefully some pictures of the house- sneaks really. I want to do the big reveal on Saturday! Be there or be square!

For now, I have to take the bottle blonde out of my hair before it fries off! :) Happy Tuesday!


Chris said...

I'm so sorry about the little punk that stole everything. It's so infuriating, I know. Take a minute to say some really bad swear words about it and come back to blogging! It's all about us, you know? :) Hope you're ok!

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