Monday, August 3, 2009


In addition to my new blinds....

Which, let me tell you I'm sitting in front of rightthisminute and adoring them.

I also had a few other projects this week to finish before Friday..Hmm.. Mr. P even stayed home this week to help me make sure they got finished, it's THAT important. :)

Here's something we just started tackling Sunday night.

Oh, and don't judge me. We haven't done one.single.thing. to this space since we moved in. It was said to be a lost cause. And, really.. still is. The drywall wasn't cured enough and is cracking, the previous owner had a cat- who clawed and pee'd a lot. It's humid and...gross- there I said it. I hate it down there. But hopefully I won't have to look at it much longer..Hmm.. ;)

Here we go... Don't be scared!

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you.. Watch out for that support beam.

See that red paint on the floor? Yeah, I painted my bench there. THAT'S how much I don't care about this nastay carpet. :)

Please excuse the Chihuahua that's mooning you right now. He's such a trouble maker.

Silly little built ins that don't hold ANYTHING. besides a dog crate, art from my dining room that wont get hung back up, a locker shelf from highschool, dust, spiders, and my old paintings Pointless.

Built in desk that could have been cute. But to be completely honest with you all. Sunday was the first day we ever opened the drawers.

We found some yarn.
Lots and lots of yarn.

Oh huge blue door, how I loathe thee.
This is the door to our furnace. Ugh, just ugh.
Now, I know you're all jealous of my zebra couch and all, and if you can peel your eyes off it to see the room, can you see how HORRIBLE it is? Seriously ya'll. It's bad.
Think it can be something new and improved with some paint? New carpet? New lights?
I do.
Come back tomorrow! We shall see!


Kathy said...

FUUUN! It's like unearthign an extra room! We dont have those in these here parts :(

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