Thursday, August 6, 2009

We interrupt the remodels for a letter.

We interrupt the scheduled blog remodel post for a letter.

Dear, Boy/man/scum who broke into my car last night.

Hello. I noticed you were confused last night and thought my my own driveway.. sometime between the hours of 12am-6am...was your car. As funny as this seems, you were wrong! Silly you.

I also noticed you took my purse... With all my credit cards, phone, charger, checks, id, photos of my lovely children. I mean, you must have thought it was yours because you took it with you? Confusion, totally understandable.

Thank you however for barely shutting the door and not slamming it so that we could continue sleeping soundly in what we thought was a safe neighborhood. Definitely eases my mind knowing you wont wake me and/or my children while we sleep at night if you ever decide to break into my house- at least you'll be quiet. Thanks.

Even greater thanks for throwing my purse in the dog park down the street. AFTER taking all my items out of it and tossing them randomly in a park- for all to see. It must have not been your style purse huh? Too bad, it matched my phone lovely. Speaking of phone..I noticed you kept my pink, girly girl phone? Do you like it? I know I sure did!

Too bad those girls picked all my stuff that you left, and brought it to me huh? You may or may not have decided to go back and get it! Shoot!

Oh and, hopefully you can enjoy the 200.00 that you took out from my wallet. I'm a waitress, so of course I carry singles with me 98% of the time. I was gonna use it to pay my bills this month.. But hey, you must have needed the money more than me huh?

So again, sorry for all the confusion. Enjoy your disconnected pink phone and my bills money your 200.00. Maybe we'll see you around the neighborhood sometime. One can only hope.


Rachelle.. the girl with the black Explorer, at the white house.. oh wait you know that. Silly me.


Nancy said...

I'm really sorry that happened to you. :(


Anne said...

I know the feeling! (sadly) so sorry for you!

CaLLie.ANN said...

That's AWFUL. I'm sorry.

Dana said...

That really, really sucks.

I left my purse in my car once. ONE TIME. And it was stolen. I had the driver's window open a crack, and we think someone used a stick or a coat hanger to stick into the cracked-open window and press down on the "unlock" button.

Funniest part? They re-locked the door. Even funnier part? I had my wallet in the house. They got my expensive purse and some tampons and I think I had $3 in change, and my check book in the purse.

They tried to write one check but without my driver's license on the checks, the store wouldn't accept it. They called the cops and the guy was arrested.

I really, really lucked out.

I hope whoever took your purse gets what he or she deserves.

Stacia Howard said...

Oh man! Im so sorry to hear that this crappy thing happened to you.

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