Saturday, August 15, 2009

What to do with black paint at 11:00 P.M


So, when I get bored because Mr. P is gone during the week and my insomnia kicks in...This happens.

You take this ugly ugly built in cabinet and take some black paint and go to town.

Uh, I know right?

So how many weeks went by? Oh that's right a whole ton of weeks. That's how many.

I fixed it.


Thank you, thank you!

Anywho. I primed it with spray paint and then went over it again with the paint I used on my outside doors. It needs another coat, you'll see why.

In certain lights you can see spray paint strokes. That means you're spraying to close. Don't Do That!

I then took off the ratty old 80's..70's..60's type hardware, whatever it may be. It was basically just ugly. Sorry old homeowners, but it was.

2 dollars a pop at H.D. Nice! Now it looks lovely and let me say.. It's making me keep it organized. Seriously, it's making me. Threats and all. Look, it wants you to peek inside...

It's okay, I know you want to. I didn't even clean it for the photo. It's been like this all week!


Kathy said...

Wow. It looks so much better! I would have never thought that it needed to be painted black. Great call!

We could get into trouble in these wee hours you speak of :)

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