Monday, August 17, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Highschool crush turned fate est. 2006

Mr. Perfect.
That you are.
Thank you for putting up with all my habits.
For always ordering boneless wings, even though you prefer with the bone. (Ew)
For opening my car door, still.
For shutting the dresser drawers that I continually leave open, and just shaking your head and walking away.
For never checking out another woman in front of me. :)
For trusting in me when I tell you I painted something in the house black, or red, or blue, pink purple or even yellow.
For calling me religiously at 10:00 on the dot nightly.
For loving my friends.
For loving my tries at cooking.
For loving The Notebook as much as I do.
I promise I won't tell anyone you cried during the ending.
Thank you for being you. For being the father of my children. For giving me butterflies after so many years together. For allowing me to be a stronger person because you're behind me in everything I do.
I love you.


Chris said...

What a great post! Happy Anniversary!

Kathy said...

A great post. AND sounds like Mr. Perfect to your Mrs. Perfect :)

Happy Happy Anniversary!!
Isn't year # three a new house?

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Awwwww too sweet~

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