Thursday, October 8, 2009

Goodwill, you complete me.

You know what I love best about G.W? When I notice a little blue table sitting under a pile of unopened curling irons. The price tag? 29.99! Now you may think that's a little high for a table. And, yes it's true-- it is. But, directly across the street at Target this same guy is being sold for 59.99!
What? Are you SERIOUS? Yes, very.very serious. So being that I was bored and needed something to do (haha, just kidding) I bought it. I have pretty plans for this one. Stay tuned! I've been painting all day to try and finish for tomorrows post. Wish me luck!

In other news- My followers count is going up! :) I'm lovin that guys ladies! That means 76 of you like me enough to stick around. You don't take my sarcasm seriously, and you don't hate me for having a horrible camera!
Let's play a game. When we get to 100 we'll have another giveaway. I just need to think of something delish to giveaway. It'll be like 100 day in elementary school, everything will be 100 themed. Hopefully this happens sooner than later! ;)


Nancy said...

Hey Rachelle!
You're a hoot and I love following along with your blog. You'll get to 100 in no time! That's a cutie little table. I want to go junkin and hopefully find something similar. Actually, I wouldn't mind finding two small tables. I have things in mind for them. Have a great day!


Kristin said...

It totally looks like the one I got at Homegoods for 70!! Score. : )

Cara said...

Love it, Rachelle!! Can't wait to see what you do:) Would love to have you stop over for a visit!


Kathy said...

GoodWill does rock! I keep "sneaking in" whenever I make it ou of the house--LOOVE their relatiosnhip with Target. Excited to see what you've got out under your hat!!!

The DIY Show Off said...

Lucky you! What a deal! I can't wait to see what you have going on!

Hurray for followers! It's so fun making blog friends! You'll be at 100 before you know it!


junkermidge said...

Just found you from Transformation Thursday. I've really enjoyed checking out your blog and you can count me in as a new follower, see ya at 100. Not sure what part of MI you're from but I'm from the GR area.

classroom fundraiser said...

That is amazing! I absolutely LOVE Good Will! If you look around you can find some great treasures and you are helping too....makes you feel pretty great about your shopping day!

Stopping by from SITS to say "hi"

Cynthia at A Shimmy in My Spirit said...

Great little table. I look forward to see what you plan on doing with it. It sounds like you got a great deal.

Melonie said...

I've been wishing for a side table since I have no bedroom furniture but a couple unmatching dressers. I think I'll be checking my goodwill store this week.

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