Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday O' Monday

Wow, I thought I'd be able to show you Mr. Awesome side table (Yes that's really his name) tonight. But sadly, I can't. I'm having some bubbling issues with the paint. Argh. So until then I'll be sanding, painting- popping bubbles, sanding and painting again. So frustrating! Would you like to see some lovelies though to pass the time? I thought so! Lately I'm on a dining room kick. Enjoy!
Pottery Barn
This one is a little light for my taste but I just love it! Maybe it's because it's fallish.. You know, like a warm cup of apple cider type color. Let's see it in action..

Oh I love it MORE! Looks amazing against the white planked walls. Excuse my drool.
Secondly I love this little diddy. Similar in style, but I love the dark black stain on it.
Pottery Barn

Not a fan of the lighter chairs with it, but it's still lovely! Anyone notice I'm picking super big tables? I think my body wants to fill the table up with little children.
World Market
It's not so much the table I love here. The legs are a little skinny for me.. I like some thick legs ;) But look closer. Yes! The bench! That is one of my must haves for our next dining set. A beautiful bench for my littles to sit on! :)

World Market
Getting warmer! Another bench. So pretty! I have looked at these probably oh, say..10000 times today. Give or take. Someone needs to stop me, once I get hooked on something it doesn't stop anytime soon!
Happy Monday! Hopefully after Mr. AST and I fight it out tonight I come out the winner! :)


Miss Mustard Seed said...

I'm sorry you're having trouble with bubbling paint. That's so frustrating when you want to have something done and the finish isn't right. Happy sanding, popping, and painting. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Kathy said...

Oh goodness! I have been doing the same thing. (not the productive part with the creative project--the dining room table obsession)

Thanks for the new lovlies to covet and obsess over. How do we make room to fit them in my tiny tiny dining room?

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