Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lovely weekend so far!

So I don't know if you remember but I had bought Mr. P some tickets to his favorite comedian Dane Cook, for his birthday. Well the show was last night! We had an amazing time-- I got to get dressed up, which in my mind is the best thing ever! Getting out of Mommy clothes! Good food, good seats, kid free (for the whole night! Woohoo!) The best part? I got to MEET him! Have I mentioned how much I love this guy? He's very vulgar, but very cute cute! So anyways-- here's some pictures of the night. I'm off to make some pumpkin topiary, pump'o'ries if you will.
This is just for giggles but how excited was I when I tried to get on my phone and saw that I was using *Dane_Cooks_ Dressing room* WiFi!? I knew when he was coming out because I lost the signal :)


Jennifer said...

OH MY GAWD!! I cannot believe that last picture!! How did you get so lucky?!?!
I love me some Dane Cook!! My beau and I are going to see him here in Austin on Nov. 12th~

By the way, Hi I'm a new follower!

Embellished Bayou said...

Oh, he is one of my husband & my's favorites! I can't believe you got to meet him, I would love just to see a live show. Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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