Friday, October 23, 2009

Wanna be a BFF?

While browsing the Internet taking care of a flu stricken little one I came across this lovely.

Sadly there isn't one in MI here but there is one right down the street from my family in Ohio! Woo hoo! I know where we're going for family dinner when we visit! :) Any restaurant that can keep my child's attention for more than 5 minutes sounds good to me. Can I get an Amen?

Anywho while browsing facebook-- I found that if you become a BFF of Friendly's you not only get a free 3 scoop sundae for enrolling and birthday treats! How fun? They're also giving away random gift cards on Twitter for following, and right now they're having a contest for a factory tour, where you can win a chance to go see the factory and your child can get a years supply of ice cream or star in their commercial!! So someone go follow and check it out so I can hear how good it is! A restaurant with a meal, drink and sundae for 9.99? Count me in!

Note: No I'm not being paid for these :) I can't go a day without posting ya'll and can't pass up free stuff. And, in this economy I don't think anyone can!


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