Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Revitalized tote bag

I got this bag while a recent shopping spree at the mall. You know, one of those ol' buy 50.00 worth get this Ja-mazin' bag. Yeah, it was nice and all but had this huge peace sign on it and looked a little childish. Nothing towards those of ya that *Heart* the Peace, Love & Rock and Roll, it just isn't me right now.

Okay, so really no before picture of the gigantic peace sign, I'm not very good at this eh? Well, here's the back, we'll use our imagination.

So, whadd'ya do? Grab some fabric, I'll show you. Cut a big rectangle that will cover the gigantic peace sign, I went with some creamy lovely burlap. Then take some iron on fusing paper. Whatever kind you prefer, I've never done this before so I grabbed the first one that I saw. I forgot the name, we'll leave the logistics out of it. Iron, then repeat. I frayed the edges up a bit and took it to my Mom's to use her sewing machine. By use I mean, barter her some time with her Grand kids & get some free labor in there too. I myself can not sew. See how pretty it is!?

Wait we're not done yet. Tonight I'm making some bling for it. Stay tuned.


Jennifer Juniper said...

My hubs gets stupid totes all the time for meetings, this is a great way to gussy them up. I just love your blog, you inspire me :)

Janean said...

very clever!!! also like your blog's title....

Whitney said...

I love peace signs, but I think *your* bag is super cute.

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