Monday, December 14, 2009

Special Packages

I ordered some vinyl for a family member and while I was at it, got some house numbers for myself. Why not right? It's good to splurge once and a while. However, 5.00 is far from splurging I'd say! :) Yes, a measly 5 buckaroos gave me a huge grin and the chance to jump up and down and receive the "who's this crazy girl" stink eye from my husband. This is the first time working with vinyl and I'm not quite sure why I didn't jump on the train sooner. It was so easy!? And, my vinyl girl Dawn (yes, my vinyl girl-- I feel we're at that level now.) Was very quick! I ordered them and they shipped the same night, awesome eh? My inspiration photo was this one, you've seen a 1000.2 places because it's just GORGEOUS.

That's Chris (from Just A Girl)'s house. Yeah amazing right?

Here's my version.

Swooooon. I'd show you my entrance but it's not as fabulous as JAG's. I don't have a sparkly white welcoming foyer...I know, hate her right? But, I do have a black door, with beautiful house numbers on it now. And, that's enough for me! :)



Christine said...

I love it! That looks so good!

Nancy said...

Good job there with those numbers!
Looks very nice. And you can't beat the price!


♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

Wow, how sad is it that I knew that was Chris' entry?? lol. Her door is so freaking shiny!!?

I love those numbers! You got those for $5?? I should definitely get some too. That's on my list for this next year. :)

debra said...

I love your numbers, they look great!

Your Christmas decorations look fabulous, too.

Chris said...

Oh my gosh, you had me cracking up! I love the new door! It's amazing what 5 little dollars will do, eh? And don't sell yourself short on that entry. I'll bet it's divine!

Delightful Dwelling said...

Love it! I keep meaning to add numbers like that to my front door, but haven't done it yet.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I'm linking over there RIGHT NOW so I can buy my own house numbers! I love what you did. BEAUTIFUL!

Kathy said...

FUNNY! I was reading along and then got distaracted with the fact that you have a black door and was jealous! How silly is that!! I totally want one now!! Your vunyl numbers look wondreful!!! I should concentrate on making sure Santa comes:)

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