Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Things I'm loving.

Lately I'm absolutely LOVING these prints by Rodney White. Rodney, if you're reading this-- feel free to send me one, or heck all. ;) I'll take good care of them.

Back to the goods, loving them. Love the words much more!

We tend to Seek Happiness when happiness is actually a choice.

Sometimes the heart should do this without the brain's permission.

It'll cost Nothing to Dream & Everything not to.


Oh, Pottery Barn. This room is making me drool. Lately I've been noticing EVERYONE layering rugs. I love it. Love, love love, it must be love. And, the metal basket with the books! Yes! I know exactly how I'll be implementing this in my home.

And, you-- Lovely blue photo wall. You make me want to redo my entire house around this picture. I love everything about it. The photo arrangement, the paneling, the color, the lighting, the bench. I'm telling you- everything! If I could wrap myself up in this picture I would. I'd eat it. Yep, yum.

That's what I'm loving right now, what about you ladies? The entry way is chug chugging along so hopefully I'll have a reveal this week, tiny touch ups and it's all set. Plus, on another note I have exciting blog news for you! Check back mmk!



Cara said...

Ohhhhh, those are beautiful!! I completely agree about the wall arrangement. Beautiful!!!

Wendy said...

LOVE Rodney White! Currently I have 3 pieces by him hanging in my house. Last year I had a calendar (at least a 12x12 size) ~ I'm thinking frames :) Would that be overkill? Ha! And PB ~ how could you not like PB?

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Ooo--exciting blog news?? Do tell!!! ;)

I am dying over the PB white couch. LOOOVE!!! It would last about 2 seconds in my house. :(

Can't wait to see the Progress on your entryway. :)

Shelle said...

love those prints too...could you ask Rodney to put me on his mailing list too?...btw my brother's name is Rodney!

Jennifer said...

I love these prints too! I have the "It'll cost Nothing to Dream & Everything not to" hanging in my kitchen and LOVE the way it looks. I want more!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Hey, girlie! I love that branchy leafy thing on the Pottery Barn page!

Nancy said...

Those are very cool prints. I like the PB photo wall, too!


Katie said...

I haven't seen that blue photo wall before, but that is very much what I am trying to do in my foyer. All ready painted the trim white, walls blue and have a pile of frames to paint black and white. Then the basket on the floor for shoes. The layered rug thing looks genius. I love using books as a side table like the PB pic. Unfortunately the little whirl wind that is my baby girl likes the idea as well...just for different destructive reasons. Like the picture says though, costs nothing to drea.

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Oh Pottery Barn how I love looking at you. I like the layered rug look. I've been doing that a lot in the past years. Mostly just an area rug over the existing carpet though in the living room. I like having a more plush area around the main couch and under the coffee table (we eat there a lot so this helps with spot vac days and keeping the carpet under the rug clean from spills etc).

These images are all amazing! ox

Kristi said...

I love his words as well!! I have seen them at Ballard's site and also a Target, I think it's time I bought one!!! :)

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