Monday, May 10, 2010

Bedroom Makever Windows.

Since it's about darn time I start showing off the bedroom I want to talk about windows for a bit. See these windows? Look at that pretty yard out there, see it? Yeah that's my yard. My.front.yard.

This would be fine if I weren't 10 feet from my sidewalk and 10 feet away from anyone seeing me get dressed in the morning or drooling on my pillow at night. Ya know, crazy things like that. Especially now that we have the bed infront of the window, I get scary images of "The strangers" at night, have you seen it? No?


I didn't invent this idea nor is it something that everyone would like, but for our household it works wonders and I'm forever great full for Katie showing me the way. I knew I wanted the texture of woven shades, I'm so sick and tired of those mini blinds. I need texture in my life, darker colors and something oh, ya know-- not plastic.

Case in point, 16.00 blinds from Home Depot. They fix the texture problem but look at that, they most definitely do not fix my privacy problem. See where I'm goin' with this?

 I left the mini blinds up. Simple as that! The new blinds are hung by L hooks on the top of the trim (you could go higher too, above the trim) where as the mini blinds are in the casing of the trim. I never ever ever ever have to see those wanna-be-white-but now are cream colored mini blinds again. During the day I can have them all up, or just the woven blinds down and still get plenty of light and at night, lower both for maximum privacy. Here's during the day, you can barely tell!

 One with the mini blinds down, one with them up.

Curious about my curtains? Glorious cream ticking fabric from Walmart! It adds a nice masculine touch to the bedroom, and I love that it's neutral and cream. It's absolutely lovely in person, and the best part? No sew. Nope not a bit. I guess you could figure that since I have two kinds of blinds up, I'm that type of girl to just rip up some fabric for curtains.

Yep sure am.

And, I couldn't be happier.


Katie said...

That is such a great idea! We had those bamboo-ish blinds in our old house, and you're right, they don't offer a lot of privacy.

Kim's Treasures said...

Very nice...great idea! I love those wood shades!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

You go, girl!!!! :) Those look awesome. Did you have to do custom cut shades, or are your windows normal sized? I'd like to do more bamboo shades in my kitchen, but I think my windows might be "off" sized, and I can't afford to go custom again. :s

I think the room is lookin' good! said...

Rachelle...I love how that came out! I saw Katie B's version of it too. Very clever - you girls!! The bamboo does add so much texture and interest to your windows.


Nancy said...

Great idea to keep the mini blinds up! Solves that problem. The curtains are great. Everything turned out wonderful!


Creative Decor by Brooke said...

What a great idea. Love the look too. Warms everything up doesn't it. Great job.

Helen Joy said...

My husband and I had those bamboo shades our first year of marriage. You know the honeymoon years where you are in the bed a lot? Yeah, we didn't know for years about the lack of privacy they provide...
It gives us a good laugh. They look wonderful!

ApachesPrincess said...

Great idea ~ I think the shades are very neat, they look great!

Meet Virginia said...

These are too cute! I love the O clips for the curtains! Where did you get them??


Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!

Heather said...

Good idea, me likey! I've been MIA for the past 2 weeks I feel like, anxious to catch up on the rest of your posts. I've missed you, bloggy friend!
Heather @

Kristi said...

That was a great idea!!! It looks fantastic! And what a BEAUTIFUL bride!!! :)

Heidi said...

Great idea1 You are taking "layering" to a new level! Sometimes it's really simple solutions that make us the happiest!
I'd love it if you'd drop by for a visit sometime.
Heidi - Heart and Home

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

The matchstick blinds look beautiful, and you know layering is all the rage these days. It looks very professional, and you solved your problem to boot!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a great Do It Yourself project. You are a clever and creative gal.

I just completed a project that took 23 years. Come take a peek.

handbags*n*pigtails said...

I just recently bought 4 of the SAME exact matchstick blinds for our "fishbowl" livingroom windows. I love your idea about keeping the cheapO cream ones behind for more privacy. Something to keep in mind!

Wendy said...

Oooh, what a GREAT fix! Love the way it looks!

Gina said...

Great idea! Functional and pretty-that's the best do it yourself thing ever!

Allison @ House of Hepworths said...

Not sure what the heck "Anonymous" is trying to say... What a rambled mess!

Your window blinds are brilliant. Great way to block the light and the peeping toms while still keeping the beauty of the woven blinds.

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