Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas giving for the Mr.

If you have a husband who is anything like mine, it can be quite a feat to figure out what to get him each year for Christmas (or Fathers day..his birthday.. our Anniversary) There's a little piece of me who hates generic gifts. He would probably love them, but seriously I want things to be special. Mmmk? And spending 1.2 million dollars on a new flat screen t.v when we have a perfectly fine retro television, I just don't see the point.

Off my soapbox.
On to some kinda cute, kinda quirky gifts from the past. I'd love to show you what I got him this year but the good husband that he is reads my blog. Everyone say aww.. I know right.

1.) New wallet. But, not just any wallet, a wallet filled with his favorite things! You know that my husband travels for work so it's nice for him to have some gift cards to restaurants in the city he's at. Or, while we're here he can go get food at places he likes to eat at. And, already filled with cute wallet size pictures that I had printed over at Wal-Mart.

2.) Stamped key chain. Now, we know that the stamped jewelry trend hit hard these past few years. I think it's a timeless piece that is simple enough that a woman can wear anywhere. So what about the guys? My Mr. doesn't wear any jewelry besides his wedding ring, so I figured the next best thing was a keychain. His says "Forever Family est. 2006" Forever Family is kind of our Mantra.. a lot can happen each year, big fights little fights, tons of dramatics you know, but it's a little easier to deal with when you know that leaving is not an option. We're a Forever Family. Cheesy? Yes, but it's worked for us. :) A little reminder. Or a threat, I haven't decided yet. ;) I got it from this Etsy shop. 

3.) A photo book. This one is UBER cheesy. Goodness I'm a little worried ya'll are seeing deep in my romantic self here. I went to the site Inkubook.com and spent HOURS making this photobook.

And when I say hours, I mean.. a whole month. Every night until 2 am. Cropping, writing, editing. Then I ordered it on the very last day that was available for Christmas delivery and it got here in the nick of time. I love it. It makes me cry every time I read it. I wrote it like a story, how we met.. significant things that happened you know. My favorite page, look how skinny I was..  Oh look, there's our mantra again.

4.) A movie. (This was actually for Fathers day but could be easily adapted) Here we go again, bring on those tears. I used OneTrueMedia to make a little slide show of our family photos from the birth of our oldest to now. You can upload songs that you'd like and change the speed of the pictures, add video. Tons of goodies! If you sign up for premium for a year it's 30 something but you get a lot more options and a free dvd. Score! He loved it. Everyone cries when they see it.

5.) A mini trip. Okay ours wasn't really a mini-trip, we went to the Dominican Republic as a anniversary/second honeymoon trip but it was still a surprise. This was when we had one child and lot's more money less bills and mouths to feed than we do now, maybe that's why I have to ask before big purchases now..? Wait what? ;) But how fun is it to wrap up his passport and the brocure for where you're going? Lot's of fun that's how much.

6.) Sports tickets. These went over very well! Ticketmaster is the way I go. You can print them off and wrap them up, then when the day comes that he gets to go, it's like Christmas all over again! I usually buy two tickets, even if I'm not the other one going. Yes you're technically buying his friend a gift but for a guy who lives with three women and a house full of estrogen I'm sure it's nice to have a boys date day. 

Same could go for tickets to see a comedian. 

But, a little bit of me thinks I bought these 3rd row tickets for myself.

7.) This one is a little risque, and no I haven't done this and Mr. Fingerprints, no this isn't your gift this year, wipe that smile off your face. But when I met my fantastic photographer Jen and perused her website I saw her LaDolceVita page. Oh my goodness! First off what husband WOULDN'T like to see you as his hot mama again. I don't know about you but I take my Momma status serious, and that includes sweatpants and days without washing my hair. I think feeling like a little vixen for a day would be super fun and would probably make him weak at the knees, and that my dear, is a gift for you too. Every woman wants to see herself the way her husband sees her. GORGEOUS. :)

*No photo for that one because, well.. ya know.*

So there's a few cute ideas I thought you might like. My friend Kimmie is doing a gift giving 
segment too you could check out for more ideas.


And, the winner of the Sodderbug giveaway is Janna #64.. Which I've emailed! Congrats, and thank you to the rest of you for entering! We have another fun one coming up this week! :)


Lyndsey said...

HA - we love Dane Cook!! We went to his comedian show last year!!
I LOVE the LaDolce Vita pics.. I am going to have to try this for our anniversary!! :)

Huchette Crew said...

oh I loved your ideas. We are making our Christmas gifts this year but my honey's birthday is coming up and the wallet idea filled with gift cards is great. I will steal that one for sure. Thanks so much

Mama Bear said...

Great ideas Rachelle. I actually did those photos (with Jen!!) for Matt's wedding gift. It was a great gift and I had a great time. :-)

Nancy said...

Great gifts, Rachelle. I think the photo album is precious. It's something he and you will cherish forever!


Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

K this wallet idea is by far the best thing! I love it! My boyfriend is in need of a new one and he's recently been working out of town too!

Heather said...

I so wish I could steal the wallet idea and fill it w/ gift cards, but my DH is just WAY too picky! He likes to pick out his clothes and accessories himself & we have a no gift card rule because DH is like that's like me giving you what is already yours....money we have. oh, men.....
Heather @ www.savingmoneylivinglife.com

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