Monday, March 7, 2011

Secret life of Rachelle

Remember when we had a Q&A Day and it was super fun, and hilarious to read some of your questions? Let's do that again, because I don't keep track of the emails I get that ask the same thing multiple times. My fingers are gettin' a wee bit tired. So, just like last time go ahead and ask whatever question, whether it be decor related, family, weird, silly funny, in the comments and I'll answer them in the next post. Let's get the ball rolling now and I'll let you in on a few things you may not have known about me. Dun dun dun...

I have tattoos.. Yeah, plural.. More than one. One is right out in the open and I get comments on it *all* day long, seriously. It's a name. A boys name. haha. The kiss of death right? Yeah that's what I hear, want to know my answer? Well, divorce isn't an option for us so he'll stay just like the tattoo. But, looking back I would have hidden it. Eh, young and in love at 18 what can I say, I wanted to profess my love with ink. I edit most of my pictures to crop it out, not sure why though? You're a group of non-judgy-mc-judgers right? It's on my wrist.. Were you thinking my neck or something hard core like that? :) Let's see if I can find some non-cropped pictures of it....

Now that's romance.. ;)

Wedding day.. Awesome.

I also had lots of piercings when I was younger (because I'm an old lady now ;) *winks* I had my nose pierced, belly button and tongue. Weird right? I know. They're all out now. Actually, I hardly ever remember to wear earrings as it is.

Look here's a picture of it... funny stuff. 

I do this thing with my hand a lot, I played the trumpet in middle school and memorized the B(flat? Sharp? I don't know) some scale and I do it now a lot, like air guitar but um... air trumpet. ha More so when I'm concentrating on something, hmm.. Weird right? Maybe my teacher shouldn't have made me practice so much, it grew into a tick! :)

I bite my nails. Hardcore, husband hates it. Gross right? I know.

Contrary to popular belief that Snookie started the poof, no. I did.. Proof Circa 2006. thankyouverymuch

I'm going gray, and not in a good decor color way. Gray hair, lots of them. RIGHT in the part.. Because they can't be underneath or something like that. Jerks.

Sometimes I think that ghosts follow me, we've had some eerie nights in our house and previous houses and it's like they're following ME. Didn't the girl in paranormal activity have a spirit latch on to her? I don't know, one day I'll share all the creepiness and see what you think.

I need these dudes to come check it out. :)

So, there's a few fun facts ala Rachelle. Let's not make this awkward and no one ask anything okay? Then I might just get embarrassed and shut the whole blog down, you wouldn't want THAT now would you?

Blackmailing my readers. Awesome.

Ready set go!

Psstt.. I'm also adding this to Kimmie's Linky party.. Crasher style.


Katie said...

What started you blogging? I guess that is an obvious question.

What are some of your favorite blogs to visit?

The White Farmhouse said...

Ok, now I want to know what else you have a tattoo of and where they are. Creepy, but I am nosy like that! If I wasn't such a big ole chicken and afraid of needles and pain, I would get one. I wanted to get a ho stamp on my backside. I got a henna one done once. Too bad I had this really great tan and you could hardly see the henna though.

Brooke said...

I have a tattoo in THE SAME PLACE! Haha My husband and I BOTH got the eternity symbol on the inside of our left wrist! At least it can be hidden by a watch right?!?! Secondly... I'm a Ghost Hunter... I know sounds retarted but really... The hubs and I hunt ghost... I have some really crazy pictures from the places we've been. It's pretty crazy. So if you want me to come out there and check out your casa I would gladly do it! Haha

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Hey, you're brave....for getting the tattoos and piercings in the first place, and for telling us about them!
Questions would be about food (first on my mind always... well, nearly ;) Your favourite? Your least?

Second: your dream date, because I'm just commenting on my own blog about it (new post, so it's not up yet, but I'm curious about others' choices)

Third: Age when you married, when you met, and how long you 'dated' for?

Oh, one more: any phobias?? I have one. Arghh, can't even write it.

See ya! x

Chris said...

1. I think the tat (shorted it so I would sound cooler than I am) is awesome. Had you remained in love with that guy, it'd be even better!

2. I need to know about the other tats. Where are they? More importantly, what are they?

3. My husband has 6 tatooes, and I have none. Don't even have my ears pierced!! I'd like to say it's a bad boy/good girl thing, but I'm basically afraid of any self-inflicted pain.

4. Seeing your tongue pierced makes me believe you could totally kick my ass.

5. I just swore.

6. You are one of the funniest bloggers out there.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

1. Do you color your hair yourself (b/c it looks really good!)?

2. What's your favorite thing to do with your girls?

3. Best place you find affordable accessories (for the house or for you)?

Wendy said...

I want to know why it is you can't get divorced... Is it just because you know you'll be together forever?

Cherie@DragonfliezCreationz said...

Ok seriously... I have one on my left wrist too! Just got it in 2009. A Celtic motherhood symbol.
I have been pierced... I am tattooed and no regrets. Makes us who we are.
Plan on getting more ink done and maybe some more ear area piercings.

Ohhh and Clairol works really good for that gray. I also do my own and go get a bottle of Ion or L'oreal and mix it myself. I think I am finally back to my naturalish color ;-)

Jami Nato said...

gosh you are sooooo ghetto. (this is a compliment) i freaking love this crap. you make me laugh.

question: what will be your next tattoo? because i know you are so thinking about it.

other question: do you still wear your hair in a poof sometimes...

Rhiannon said...

absolutely love it! I have a ton of tats and i had piercings too, ears all over, tounge, nose, belly...

The Girl Creative said...

You are so funny!! I love reading your blog. :) And ya know what's funny - i don't think I'm a "follower" or have you listed on my blog anywhere other than your linky party but I still come and read it almost every day. That's true commitment!! lol

And yeah, I'm a rebel.....i'm not posting a question because I just can't think of anything good at the moment. Darn pregnancy. lol

Anonymous said...

You. Crack. Me. Up. I love your blog!! my question is on your clothes. You have some really cute things.... so... where do you shop?...where do you go for the girls clothing too?

Sarah @ Cozy.Cottage.Cute. said...

I loved reading this post. It cracked me up. :)

Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots said...

I have just ONE question...

Isn't today our anniversary?

Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top said...

Can I still ask a question? I thought of one. And I'm sure you've mentioned it before but I can't remember...

Do you work outside of the home? What do you do?

So guess what...I don't have any piercings other than a hole in each ear and I don't have ANY tattoos. :)

Melanie said...

This was a fun post! I love random things and Q&A post.

I am 43 and want a tat on my foot. Hubs thinks that I am crazy:)

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