Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Playroom follow up answers.

Whew, thank you all SO much for the playroom love yesterday! Ah, you all rock. I was so nervous about making it just right that I forgot to just "let it be".

I got a few emails and comments regarding some items in the room. :) Here's the answers :)

1. The L-O-N cards are held up by the 2.00 sticky putty that came with them. They fall off every day. I know, shucks. Maybe I didn't put enough on them, or the textured walls? Oh well, soon I'll change it to double sided tape or something. I used velcro on the READ letters and they're holding up FANTASTICALLY.

2. The curtain fabric is from Hawthorne Threads. Love them, I also bought the girls bedroom fabric from them. Very very very fast service.

3. Nope, it's not always this clean haha. The big toys are hidden in the closet behind the shoe shelves faux built ins.

4. Yes the gumball machine is usually on the stand, but for the pictures I wanted it in here. Velcro remember? But, a reader informed me that JCPenney has stands! Holy cow.. I want one, because well.. then it's real metal and not wood..not to mention fan-cy! But we'll see. They're 20.00 or so I believe.

5. The blue-tealish frame next to the lamp is from Target, they have a ton o' colors and I love them.

I think that's about it! If there's any other questions I'll just add the answers to this post, so check back if you still have one. :)

Happy Hump Day! 


andiejaye said...

that's the darling-est playroom ever!! i love the clean lines and pops of color! as far as getting the lon abc cards to stick, have you tried the scotch brand sticky squares? they're at target/walmart. they work super well and don't take paint off the walls! i love them waaaay more than the putty stuff. oh! and you've got a new follower in me!

janet @ ordinary mom said...
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janet @ ordinary mom said...

I actually had these cards as well in both kids rooms and what I did was carefully measured the center top area to put a hole punch and then hung them using the 3M tiny clear hooks. Worked really well and stayed up until we moved.

You can see it here:

I love these cards!!!

Christie said...

They actually have a Command brand poster hanging product. Works great!They also have a product for hanging heavier things like bulletin boards...all with tape that doesn't hurt your wall.

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