Thursday, May 19, 2011

Birthday Party Inspiration

Since I'm currently *addicted* to Pinterest, it's no surprise that I went there today for Birthday Party inspiration.

This is no joke people

It's drool worthy.

I love looking through birthday party ideas. I'd love to be a party planner some day, it's just so fun to look at the details and make everything come together and be just.. Special. Love it. Not to mention all the AWESOME ideas out there.

Milk and Cookies party?

Cupcake fondue party?

Book exchange party?

You know what I remember? When the "cool" party was at Mc. Donalds and the hamburgler would come, and you'd get those little bags of cookies they had. Remember that? That was the BOMB.

Now the options are CRAZY. 
Seriously. :) 
But, I'll say this.. I don't hate it. :)

So how about we have an impromptu linky party!? Show me your birthday posts! Birthday Party.. Birthday Ideas.. Cakes, Gifts, I want to see it. But please make sure it's *Birthday* related. :) 'Tis a party and all. :)


Kelly @livingcraftilyeverafter said...

What a fun idea! I love parties too! I linked up my daughters Pink Princess Party! I am currently on the party seach too since I am planning my other daughters first birthday- owl theme! FUN!

And seriously, Pinterest is SO addicting! :)


Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

Great idea for a linky party ... I always love a good party post full of ideas!

Kristin said...

Great idea! I've got three parties coming up in the next few months and could really use some serious inspiration!! said...

Hi Rachelle! You're going to think I'm the biggest goof, I accidentally hit your blog and posted a table makeover. I was obviously doing this in a hurry and messed up! So sorry to post my table with all the WONDERFUL bday party ideas and inspiration!!!!

Glad I found you, though. :)

Lina - Fancy Frugal Life said...

Sorry I linked up teh wrong post and can't figure out how to feel free..sorry!! :)

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

Oh I LOVE Pinterest too. Love the idea of that book party! I think I need to pin that, lol.

Princess Party Planner said...

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