Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easy Canvas Prints

When I was in the midst of the playroom redo I was contacted by a lovely lady from Easy Canvas Prints asking if I'd like to have a canvas made. 

Canvas Prints

1.) Duh, I would.

2.) Hello PERFECT addition to the playroom, for reals.

First off the ordering was about as easy as you can get.
Pick your size, up to 30x40 (Holy huge canvas batman!) 
Pick your wrap, Standard or Gallery 
Choose your picture
Bam. Done. 

The shipping was seriously fast, I think it was about a week if that until it was on my doorstep. And, the packaging was awesome there was no chance of bending or being ruined in that sucker.

I got the gallery wrap so it's nice and thick, I also got it in a 12x18. Perfect size for the space.

I love that it anchors the photowall. It's definitely the first thing you notice, maybe because we're such a good lookin' family, maybe because it's such an awesome canvas, I don't know. ;)
But, I do know that I love it and I love the impact it makes on the playroom. So even when the rest of the room looks like this..

The photo wall still looks good.

Right now they're running an awesome special for free shipping (in the U.S) and you get a free 8x10 with any purchase over 60.00! Check it out buddies! A great and affordable idea for a Mother's Day gift, Birthday, Father's Day, or just to add a little canvas spice to your life.

I was asked to do an honest review in exchange for a free photo canvas. But all the positive love is just because they rock. I don't lie, yo.


{dawn} said...

it's gorgeous :)

Jami Nato said...

love it! perfect gift for the grandparents... said...

Looks great in the playroom!

adrianne said...

Your family is the cutest thing ever! Love canvas prints,ESP. When they're free!! I am visiting today because Mandi told us we could schmooze the judges if we wanted to, and I'm all for it;) jk! I am in the top 15 and hopefully will make it to the top 5!! But really, have been following your blog for awhile now and just love it!

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