Monday, May 23, 2011

Winner winner..LOTS OF WINNERS!

Whew! You guys are Amazing! You sure like your giveaways, don't ya?
Yes, yes you do. :)

But every good thing has to come to an end and the winners had to be chosen, so via here they are!

Urban Frontiers
-Set of Invites and coordinating thank yous-

#37 Ashley Borysewich

Pick Fair
-Green Indoor/Outdoor pillow-

Sugar and Dots
-Family Tree print and Yellow rosette necklace-

#70 Kim, who didn't leave her email! 
So dear Kim, email me please!

Amanda Mays Design studio
-Blog design package-

#87 Emily 

Gussy Sews
-40.00 shop credit-

#328 Lesli

The Elephants Trunk
-15.00 shop credit-

#83 Lyndee

Felt So Cute
-25.00 Shop Credit-

#10 Jen who also didn't have a public blog or email! 
Jen, Email me! :) 

Something Diane Made
-Summer bundle-

 #41 Kathy

In His Grace
-20.00 Shop Credit-

Tinker B Boutique
-Scrabble tile necklace-

#32 Helen
#87 Sarah
#4 Katy

Made By Meade
-5 design Bundle-

#110 James

The Pleated Poppy
-25.00 Shop Credit-

#118 Jessica

Cap Creations
-40.00 Shop Credit-

#198 Dutch

Hippo Ink
-2 sets of crayons-

#26 Megan
#111 Mary

Little Miss Momma
-Mustache necklace-

Barn Owl Primitives
-You are my sunshine sign-

# 204 Lindsay

Whew. That's all I'll say about that. 
So, ladies check your emails for the info on collecting your prizes later today! 

The biggest thanks has to go to my AMAZING sponsors, without them the giveaway wouldn't have happened. They really made my birthday one to remember. It was like opening a new present every time I checked my mail to another sugary sweet comment. So thank you sponsors! Don't forget some have coupon codes that are still available so check under my giveaways column to use them up and go buy something *handmade* and lovely. 

Buy handmade, yo.


The Balch Bunch said...

Well isnt that just SO FUN!!

Happy birthday girl and thanks for hosting all tge giveaways!!

Meghann Gehring Turnquist said...

I won one! I won one!!! I never win anything!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday to you indeed!

james said...

omg i won something!!! this never happens. thank you for hosting some awesome giveaways and thank you to the sponsors as well. happy birthday

Emily said...

Woo Hoo! I am excited about winning the blog design. Thanks again for all the amazing giveaways. I never get lucky.

Sarah @ The Bird's Papaya said...

Oh my gosh! i won a scrabble tile necklace?! that's so awesome. Happy Birthday to me...I mean you...wait...this is all very confusing.

Jessica said...

Wow! I actually won a giveaway! I never win anything! Looking forward to that email! :)

Keriann said...

I thought for sure the odds were with me! lol Congrats to all the winners! You are envied by many! =)

Lesli said...

Oooo goodie! I won!! I can't wait to get the email! Thanks so much! :D

Jen said...

I won, too! I am the mystery Jen and sent an email!!! Thanks.

Kathy said...

YAY!!! I won I won I Won I won!! I guess a lot of other people did too..congrats to them too...But I WON I won I won!!!

Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder said...

Happy birthday! I've LOVED celebrating it with you. Thank you.

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