Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reason 101 why In His Grace rocks my socks.

Remember my friend Chrissie the lovely shop owner of In His Grace?

Yeah, I've talked about her once or twice. I love her items and TODAY I'm telling you why I love her even more. Well, she's giving 25% of her proceeds in the month of June to Amy and her Husband John who are trying to bring home this gorgeous little buddy.

Gosh he's cute. Edible really.

That's Davis. And he deserves to come home to his Mommy and Daddy!

So, there's two more days left in June-- if you've been planning on snatching something up from In His Grace, NOW..NOW NOW NOW is the time to do it! :) You get something lovely, of course and you help Davis come home. Which is awesome, you can help him come home.

 So, why don't you head on over.. Take a look around and see if anything catches your eye. I know it will, everything is just.too.cute.

Pst! She also has a blog! 

And, if you want to follow along with the Jupin Family check out their blog right here :)

And, read more about Davis here! :)

Grab This!


Jami Nato said...

adorable stuff

amy jupin said...

thanks for writing such a sweet post about our boy and chrissie's shop! she is an angel.
thank you!

Tanya Anurag said...

The pillows are amazingly good :) Wish I could do something like that!

Chrissie Grace said...

:) xo

Lori@KitchenFunk said...

Love your fun and uplifting blog and I'm now a follower! You have so many talented people posting on your link party, too. Great attitude about your funny Target story!!! ~Lori

Its So Very Cheri said...

Hey Rachelle,
It's been forever. I stopped by to say hi. What a funny story--thanks for the giggle.


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