Monday, August 1, 2011

Guest Post with Erin from Erin Dietrich Photography!

Hey Y'all!
{I can't believe I really just said that!}

I'm Erin,
{my website needs massive updating & remodeling so check us out on Facebook for our latest work! I'm embarrassed & can't believe I even just linked that to my website!}
I'm a Wife, a working Mama, a Photographer & a wanna-be blogger!

I'm based out of Myrtle Beach, SC
but born and raised in NY
But you can check out MY BLOG if you want to stalk me 
& figure out my life story! ;-)

I just love Rachelle!
She has become one of my facebook/blog friends.
The type that you feel like you've know for years,
but you've really never even met in person?
Ya, that kind! ;-)

I secretly stalk her blog.
I think her and the girls need to come to
Myrtle Beach so I can photograph them & she can 
decorate my house.
Sound like a perfect plan to me! =)

This is my first "guest post" so please,
bare with me and don't laugh at me too hard.

My daughter is going to be TWO soon.
{so sad}
And her Birthday Party theme is going to be 
"Lemonade & Sunshine!"
I didn't want to do the "typical" girl birthday party themes,
like Princess, Dora, Barbie etc.
{Not that there's anything wrong with any of those!}
But I like to try to come up with "unique" themes.

So about two months ago, 
I was walking through the "summer" section at Target.
They had a little Lemonade stand sign & banner.
{you can see them in the pictures}
I thought to myself, 
"Omg, this is SO CUTE!"
Then a little light bulb went off in my head.
I thought to myself...
"This would be such a cute theme for Brynn's 2nd Birthday Party this August!"
Then the wheels started spinning!

My husband built this AWESOME Lemonade stand for this shoot & for her party.
{It is SO HEAVY, I'm pretty sure it could withstand a tornado or something}
I think it turned out SO cute, he did such a good job!
{Thanks Babe!}

Have you ever built a "serious" lemonade stand?
Let me teach you how!

{Please excuse my husband & daughter's outfits in these pictures. She made that visor at school the day before & would not take it off!}

My husband came up with how to create this all on his own. 
It actually wasn't that hard.
So buy a bunch of wood, some screws, spray paint, paint & sand paper!

Isn't his little helper cute?!? ;-)

Before we painted it!

I spray painted the whole thing.
Then we took sand paper & sanded some spots to give it the "old" look.

It was very easy.

Ok, I think this is hands down my favorite shoot I've ever done yet.
Not just because the sweet baby toddler in it is mine either! ;-)

 I did Brynn's 2nd Birthday Shoot
{I can't believe she is going to be 2 so soon already!}

I wanted to keep these pictures a surprise until her Birthday invitations went out,
but I just couldn't control myself.
love these images way too much to keep them a secret 
for another couple weeks! ;-)

I'm so excited for her Birthday party in a couple weeks!
But until then...

P.S. This lemonade stand will now be available to use for YOUR shoot, if you want to book a styled shoot similar to this with me! ;-)

& last but not least, her invitations....

P.P.S. Come check out Erin Dietrich Photography Facebook Fan Page too 
and be sure to enter our H-U-G-E
37 vendor giveaway that's going on right now!
37 vendors, 37 prizes, 37 winners!


Cherished Bliss said...

Sooo cute! I love it : )

Jami Nato said...

does that cute child come with the lemonade? oh my word...adorable.

Tonia @ said...

How absolutely adorable!!

The Nothem Family said...

cant believe she is almost 2. She was only a few months old when you did our photo shoot in Laguna Beach. Love the pictures and the lemonade stand!!!

Kate said...

What an adorable party theme. And this little girl is precious!

Erin @ {BeautyAndTheBeach} said...

Thank you everyone! =)

Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots said...

Wish I could be at her party. I'm inviting myself anyway. :) This shoot is ADORABLE! Love that girl!

Erin @ {BeautyAndTheBeach} said...

Is this your RSVP Kimmie? Good, we'll see you on the 14th! =)

Lacee said...

Most adorable pictures ever!! What a fantastic and creative idea!!

אירוע עסקי said...

Great craft work, and great photos too!

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